The Lawyers involved in the Opioid Litigation who have been urgently looking to get background and perspective assistance from former Walmart Pharmacists & Pharm Techs.  The questions relate to how Walmart institutionally dealt with questionable prescriptions or prescribers. It is imperative that they get the facts correct and need help.

FURTHER Fallout from Walmart Investigation

The United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas, Joseph D. Brown, abruptly resigned on Tuesday, May 26, 2020.

Mr. Brown lead the Eastern District’s criminal investigation into Walmart. The investigation almost resulted in criminal charges against the company and its director of Health and Wellness Practice Compliance, Brad Nelson, before top brass at the Department of Justice terminated the investigation for political reasons.

Mr. Brown did not say why he resigned, but the DOJ’s decision to close the criminal investigation into Walmart may have played a role. In the press release announcing his resignation, Mr. Brown said:

We must win the fight against opioid abuse in order to save our country.  But in order to be effective, we must be willing to prosecute all facets of the expansive network that feeds these destructive drugs into our communities.  Players both big and small must meet equal justice under the law. (Emphasis added)

 Mr. Brown’s resignation comes less than one year after the head of Eastern District’s civil division, Joshua M. Russ, resigned in October 2019 because the DOJ refused to take civil action against Walmart.

Please contact either attorney Chuck Gabriel (Chalmers & Adams, LLC), 678.735.5907 or email at CDGabriel@CPBLawGroup.com  or attorney Kyle Oxford (BurnsCharest LLP), 504.799.2846 or email at koxford@burnscharest.com.

A  recent ProPublica article regarding the issue with Walmart https://www.propublica.org/article/walmart-was-almost-charged-criminally-over-opioids-trump-appointees-killed-the-indictment/amp

I have spoke with an attorney from this firm behind this several times and I asked him about confidentially of those who contact them and this is his reply:

“I cannot absolutely guarantee confidentiality, so I won’t promise it… in very rare, but some, circumstances, Attorney Work Product such as investigative interviews can be ordered disclosed – I won’t promise something I cannot deliver with certainty. 

That said, the assurance that we are looking for background and perspective assistance rather than witnesses and testimony ought to provide some assurance. “

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