typed letter taped to counter that staffing issues are prohibitive to counting meds again when a patient picks them up

Steve do you know . . .Has anyone ever had issues with receiving less meds than MD ordered? How did you handle it? My insurance only pays at Walgreens. Must wait until next year to change it. It’s not like I can confront the pharmacy without being called suspicious and med seeking.  It would probably raise my narxcare score. They are rude enough to my family when they pick up meds as it is. My family used to ask for a count before leaving the counter, but with lay offs, short staffing, shorter hours, no weekend hours they won’t take the time to do it, unless my friend has floated over from another store. A days worth is bad enuf, but a week??&%$#@. I asked the group at American pain and disability. Got some suggestions.

Is there some kind of statement for pharmacist that says they need to count meds when we in drug store if it is requested?

They have a typed letter taped to counter that staffing issues are prohibitive to counting meds again when a patient picks them up.

Plus I don’t want to raise red flags. They might change narxcare score

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  1. when the patient comes up short on the narcotics it is because the person picking it up for them stole the medicine. always.

    • I will share with you the favorite quote from my college Logic professor… never say never and never say always, because someone will always prove you wrong… because there are NO ABSOLUTES

  2. I absolutely agree with others, write something saying that since they Refuse to do another count… They Will be responsible and Will Fix Any number your prescription is off by “No questions Asked!”! Have the pharmacist sign Your lett we r as well! This way they Are Legally responsible and Have to give you whatever amount they are off by If you go back. If the pharmacist actually does sign it then he is accepting that responsibility and HAS to do it! If they refuse to sign it, then they Have to do the recount!

    • I say – SCREW THEM … tell them to take your meds down to the consult window – chain of custody – and a counting tray and spatula and you count them before you accept them… all pharmacies are required to keep a hard copy perpetual inventory… if the Rx staff is shorting the pt “ten doses” and sticks them in their pocket… what is on the shelf an what the perpetual inventory shows that they should have … YOU don’t have a leg to stand on… and they can’t make up any shortages that you claim, because their “paper work” shows that all counts “tie-out” If they are stealing pt’s meds, I suspect that they don’t have a problem with falsifying their inventory records. You might want to DEMAND that the store manager watch you count your Rx… The more NO’s that they give you… the more likely that there is something really going on… Some of these opiates are worth $1-$2 per mgs on the street. Locally we had a pharmacist that was diverting opiates… not because she was addicted to them.. it was because he/she had a fondness for a nearby CASINO

  3. yes,,i have,46 pills short,my husband turn right around,cause had not left the pharmacy yet,went directly to the head pharmacist.slammed the bottle back down on the counter and said count it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!From that day,,they count infront OF HIM EVERY TIME!,,,,MW

    • this is a lie and you know it

      • For the record Mr.Batten,,,i have never lied in my life,,,ever,,,,,,,,Pharmacist staff short people allllll the time,,,this time,,we caught it,and from that day on,,they count it right infront of him,,just like Steve suggested,,,What u just tryen to start sh-t??U don’t even know me,,and thank god i have never heard of you,,,maryw

      • You don’t even begin to know what truth looks like, if your comments in this vicinity are any indication. If all you can do is be abusive towards people in pain, I suggest that you take some time off from commenting altogether, and work on developing some compassion and decency before you try again. The regular users of this site have hard enough lives at present without your little “contributions”. Just stop.

        • U know never before,,,nor since have we ever been that short,,thats was mess’d up big time,,,U know here or there 1 or 2,,I get that,,counting every day,,thats gonna happen,,and again the pharmacist was good about it,,for my hubby had not left the area yet,,,I think the person who did the 46 ,,1,,got fired that day,,,and sorry,,thats noo ooops.,,But u r right,w what /little medicine we are allowed these days,,we need every ounce of medicine we get,,for me,,,its just like insulin,,,jmo,,maryw

  4. Go to a local pharmacy and ask to buy a counting tray. It’s just like leaving the bank and not counting your money in my book. I have no problem counting in front of a tech or cashier. It’s on camera if there is a discrepancy.

  5. Then write a note you reserve the right to come back if you find a shortage and make the cashier/pharmacist sign. Photo both notes.

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