Type of Pharmacy Malpractice

According to this video. It would appear that Dr Dan Laird, MD, JD may represent chronic pain pts who are being discriminated against and denied their prescribed therapy. Go to abt 5 minutes into the video where he talks about Legal/Civil Liberties Violations by pharmacists refusing to provide chronic pain pts with their legally prescribed pain medications.



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  1. The problem is that pharmacists are being attacked too, especially those of color. One pharmacist in Nevada is being attacked because he filled prescriptions that the DEA said were “fake” patients, and the pharmacist should have known that. But the prescriptions were written by a legitimate doctor for patients that presented to him with pain. Neither doctor nor pharmacist should be law enforcement. What we have to do to make it safe for everyone is recognize that no drug causes addiction and repeal the CSA which originated as a racist means to disenfranchise minorities. We hold the key on DoC. http://www.doctorsofcourage.org

  2. Love Dr L

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