TRICARE changes force 15,000 pharmacies out of network

TRICARE changes force 15,000 pharmacies out of network

Nearly 15,000 independent pharmacies are no longer in the TRICARE retail pharmacy network, as of Oct. 24. This is due to a change in the contract with Express Scripts, the Department of Defense TRICARE pharmacy contractor.

TRICARE says that over 90% of beneficiaries will still have an in-network pharmacy within 15 minutes from their home. However, the impact on veterans living in rural areas — who already face barriers in access to care — remains to be seen.

“The Defense Health Agency is confident that the new pharmacy contract maintains the quality of the TRICARE retail pharmacy network,” said Edward Norton, Jr., chief of the Pharmacy Operations Division at the Defense Health Agency. “Some independent pharmacies are leaving, but TRICARE families will continue to have access to an excellent network of pharmacies.”

Express Scripts sent letters to beneficiaries notifying them of the change.  If you have a prescription at one of the pharmacies leaving the network and would like to transfer it to a new retail network pharmacy, beneficiaries may use the Find a Pharmacy tool to find retail network pharmacies in your area.

Here are three easy ways to move your prescription:

– Take your medicine bottles to another participating network pharmacy. The pharmacy will inform you of their process.

– Call your doctor’s office. Ask them to send your prescription to your new in-network pharmacy.

– Call your new in-network pharmacy and ask them to transfer your prescription.

If you experience difficulties filling a prescription due to your pharmacy being removed from the TRICARE retail pharmacy network, The American Legion wants to hear from you by reaching out to the National Security Division email at

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  1. Your Right Pharmacist Steve. I believe that I mentioned to you a couple months ago about this. My husband is having to drive 45 minutes each way to a pharmacy! I had called Every single one of my elected officials about this and haven’t heard a damned thing from them. Not from either party! Express Scripts and The Dept of Defense is CATERING to Big Corps. Now we only have CHAINS to choose from and there is Only 1 in my town Thats it. My husband now wants to go back on mail order through the VA. And that’s Bad. They always make him go past his refill dates by never getting his meds to him before he runs out. This Nation is Falling apart at the Seems. Literally.

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