This post is not about what you think it is !

This video was shot in California… which is a state with a two party recording law..

Last night on a “talk head news show” .. there was two attorneys discussing the legality of this recording because planned parenthood or someone was going to sue the person/group that shot the video…

At first each attorney was on each side of the issue… one said the video was illegal and one said that the video was legal…

The final consensus was that the two party law and the legality of such video being legal or illegal.. depends on the surrounding/place where the video was taken… back to referring to what I have said before.. the law talks about PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS.. this video was shot in a restaurant … so.. how PRIVATE or the expectation of privacy of a conversation taking place in such public setting.. much like standing at the pharmacy counter ?

And I recently blogged about

when in Rome… do as the Romans 

about how videoing is so pervasive… that if you don’t personally video some interactions… you may be giving up some of your rights and/or not be able to defend yourself against illegal actions against you.. like refusing to fill a legit/on time/medically necessary Rx.

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