There is always a hidden agenda ?

connectthedotsDEA: Heroin-related deaths tripled in four years

It really doesn’t matter when big business is involved.. be it for profit, non profit or governmental… You often have to wonder if what you see is the reality of it all or if there is some hidden agenda. If there is a hidden agenda, no one will every really know… unless legalities are involved and someone ends up getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

I have posted before about our judicial system’s apparent “addiction/dependency” on  the 51 billion dollars that flow into the judicial system  annually to fund the war on drugs.

I have posted about the fact that 43 % of the members of Congress are attorneys (170 House, 60 Senate) and how it would seem that – in general – will not do anything that will deprive the judicial system of any funding.. including failing to acknowledging what everyone considers how big a failure the war on drugs is in reality.

Sometimes, parts of a agenda can be intentionally or unintentionally hidden or can appear to have no association with the agenda at all. This is what could be happening right now. All of a sudden over the last few months there has seemingly been a “bum’s rush” to get a dose or two of Naloxone in as many pockets as possible.  There seems to be no limit to the times that a substance abuser should or should not be revived. I have reports of a single person being revived TEN TIMES in one day.

There was a recent DEA report that opiate OD deaths have TRIPLED in FOUR YEARS.. There has been reports that acetylfentanyl from Mexico and China have been added/mixed with Heroin and since acetylfentanyl is 25 -40 times more potent than Heroin.. and as a result many people are dying from a overdose.

There has also been reports for tablets showing up on the west coast .. looking like Narco 10 (Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen 10/325) but in reality it is acetylfentanyl from Mexico or China or some mixture of Heroin and acetylfentanyl.. and more people are dying… Also reported that there has been tablets that appear to be Xanax (Alprazolam ) 2mg showing up on the west coast of Florida but also containing acetylfentanyl and/or mixed with Heroin and again people are dying.

Since the Harrison Narcotic Act of 1914 there has been an estimated 1%-2% of our population abusing some substance other than Alcohol and Nicotine.. the population of the USA back then was around 100 million as opposed to 330 million today..  It is now estimated that there are some 1.9-2.1 million serious substance abusers.. percent of the population has dropped dramatically since 1914 < 0.7 % and with the increased deaths from the acetylfentanyl and Heroin.. is the DEA/judicial system frighten that the serious substance abuser population could be dwindling ?

Does this help explain the “bum’s rush” to get a dose or two of Naloxone in as many pockets as possible ? Could this explain the change in the mindset of the politicians/bureaucrats that substance abuse is a “mental health issue” ? Could this explain the change in the nomenclature .. no more addicts.. no more junkies…just people who take opiates for whatever reason – both legal & illegal – are now being labeled as having a “opiate use disorder” ?  And we no longer have accidental/unintentional drug OD’s… now we have deaths that are just a “opiate related death”.  Doesn’t matter if their is a lethal amount of opiates in the toxicology report… any amount showing is enough to classify the death as “opiate related”

Then there is the CDC guidelines… wanting no one taking opiates longer than 90 days… with the estimated 106 million chronic pain pts.. there are going to be untold numbers – perhaps millions – that will be forced to go to “the street” to seek whatever pain relief that they can get.

Then there are proposed rule changes that will raise the number of Suboxone pts that a single prescriber can manage at any one time from 100 to 500.

Is it just me… or does it look like all those parties that are addict to the “war on drugs” money… are laying the ground work to make sure that the “substance abusers population” at least stays the same and possibly grows ?

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  1. Yes they all want to try and justify the huge unaccounted for expenditures on the publics money but also they are using this as a divide and conquer method by pitting legitimate pain patients against addicts who need treatment available just like we do. Unfortunately they don’t care or want to spend the money on either group and the public is hearing a bunch of propaganda instead of really taking the time to analyze the information and to see what the truth is. I have no doubts about this being intentional all you have to do is research the behavoir of totalitorian, fascist governments to identify that the same things are happening not just in this country at the hands of our government but in other countries as well. Doctors and other professionals can see it as well just research it and see who gets rounded up and taken out first when the shit hits the fan. It’s happening, believe it.

  2. I personally love the fact that they don’t want people on opioids, but in treatment taking Suboxone, AN OPIOID, to get off opioids. They know that once on Suboxone, you’re stuck on Suboxone. Does this rationale seem rational to ANYONE?

  3. I never thought of it that way before but after you explained it, it became crystal clear. These bureaucrats have monetary use disorder. MUD. They need help and they need help fast. That is why we are going to vote the bums out.

  4. How pathetic is that? We know what their doing. We know what their agenda is…. They careless about us in pain. Do they even know what pain is? I think not. Were not going to turn an eye. We are going to fight back. The Doctors know what pain is, why aren’t they sticking to their ethics? Why all the silence? We have every right to be pain free. Do they want to live my life for a week and see what it’s like to be in pain without the proper medication? It’s not fun. It’s changed my life from being very active to running my own business, working hours and hours after work to being in bed 90% of the time. Not able to go to my children’s functions. Crying every day. It’s not fun by all means.
    I will try and stand strong, and fight this war on drugs. Their getting into the wrong hands and people are a using them. Someone needs to invent a scale that detects how high your pain is. This would weed out a lot of people. As well as show how much pain we endure from out sickness that we never dreamed of getting.
    I too was ignorant about pain meds. I thought they were bad and how can people be on them. Etc. But now that I lay here and endure this pain, my outlook has changed. I don’t understand how a pain patient taking opiates is getting high from their pills. Just follow the Dr.s orders and take only if needed. There’s no need for overdoses and addiction if you just follow the Doctors order.

  5. exactly,,,see,,,these corrupt abuse of,,” just powers”,,,,they talk,,,allllll the time..I mean their day at work is spent talken to each other about how to ,”control,” this false epidemic,,and how to demonize all those who speak the truth,,,,They own the media,,they own our health,thus are lives,,,,,justifying all this bias corrupt abuse of just powers as the ,.”war on drugs,,” is really a war on the truth and censoring it…1 aspect of this lie,,,,is this false propaganda of the cost of c.p.p.,,,,,,my cost was 250 bucks a year,,,that my insurance company never even paid,,,the deductible/out of pocket is money we will never see again,,,,my point being,,,,,is these politician spend their time and OUR money literally how to prove themselves useful to the public,,and outright lie/propaganda to prove a lie,,,,,always!!!mary

    • Your exactly right Mary. Don’t give up the fight. We know the truth and so does the Man upstairs. I believe in karma. I don’t wish anyone pain. Karma comes in different ways. And even politicians who know they are lying will endure Karma. I hate to say that. But it’s true.

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