The VA killed me

The VA killed me

You have changed things. I just got a call from a lady at VA. Someone sent the video to a senator and that senator (she would not give me the senators name) contacted the VA and told them to find a way for me to receive after treatment where ever I want. This is a big deal. However, while this does help me obtain the treatment I need it still doesn’t change the fact that had they done things the way they should have I would not be dying.

My desire and wish is to force changes in the va to allow ALL veterans to get the care they need. If they can now allow me to get treatment where ever I want then they can allow ALL veterans to get treatment where ever they want. Please don’t stop now. This is a fight you can win.

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  1. Shared on FB and with my elected reps. This is just reprehensible!

  2. This is how we treat our veterans? It’s un-American; in fact, non-veterans deserve the best of care, also. Americans in pain are treated like criminals instead of citizens in need of help. I’m anxious to see what happens to this veteran now!

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