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Tuberculosis Patient Who Refused Care Is Arrested

From the article:

A California man who disappeared after refusing treatment for tuberculosis, which can be contagious and spreads by coughing or sneezing, was found and arrested on charges of refusing to comply with health officials, a prosecutor said Tuesday.

Eduardo Rosas Cruz, 25, was arrested late Monday in Kern County, San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Stephen Taylor said. Before Rosas Cruz can be sent back to San Joaquin County, he has to be medically cleared, which could take weeks, Taylor said.

Authorities last week obtained an arrest warrant for Rosas Cruz, saying he was diagnosed with tuberculosis in March after going to San Joaquin General Hospital’s emergency room with a severe cough.

Medical staff at the hospital told him to stay in a Stockton motel room, where a health worker would deliver his medication and watch him take it. But he left, officials said.

The criminal complaint charges Rosas Cruz with one misdemeanor count of refusing to comply with a tuberculosis order.

A healthcare professional can refuse to treat a pt.. but.. a pt can’t refuse treatment ?goldenrule

I am not suggesting that it is best to leave a contagious pt untreated.. but.. charging them with a misdemeanor ?

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  1. Heres the CDC rules om quarantine…and yes there are ‘police powers’given .

  2. Hep B, severe influenza, or ANY virulent thing (VZV) can be rough on elderly Pts. But a misdemeanor for TB? Thats kinda like adding punishment to injury. “Wash your hands” also means “FORGEDDABOUT IT” – UNLESS YOU ARE A MADE MAN.

  3. I think TB is the only highly contagious disease left on all? the states dept of health law books that require forced quarantine and treatment of uncooperative patients. Someone else can feel free to correct me if im wrong but its been many years since ive heard of someone being non compliant. Most patients I know have the health dept pay daily visits to the home to administer the medications to ensure compliance. Makes you wondervwhat will happen with all these illegals flooding the border who may not be getting fully screened for TB

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