The Patient and the Weather

The weather matters in human health. Pressure is what everyone looks to first, but humidity, temperature,, lightning and the rate of weather change all matter. And, as you body changes, so do the weather impacts. Weather health awareness remains a constant


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  1. Yep! Weather affects many. From the cold damp weather in the winter, to the hot, humid, stormy weather in the summer. & it seems as you get older, it affects you more & more. If you have arthritis & other bone/joint issues, changes in weather make it even worse. So much so that many can’t even get out of their beds now(cuz of lack of proper/adequate Rx pain meds).
    Older people suffer & hurt more & more without being able to get any Rx pain meds to help them. Which would help dull the pain so they could get up & do things. Its not good for them to be in bed ALL the time! Then that’s going to lead to other health issues.
    Horrible how our older people are basically being tortured because they have pain. Not because they’ve done anything wrong. But because our gov’t has made up lies about Rx pain meds. So now our nation greatly suffers just because they said so. & actually, have made up lies about. All because of agenda’s & money. Horrible!
    Our gov’t are supposed to be leaders. As in, they’re supposed to be an example & “lead” others by example. But when they know nothing of our medical conditions & pains, how can they make “guidelines’ & laws that greatly affect & actually torture & kill us.
    I bet if those lawmakers had horrible pains as we did, there’d be no way they’d restrict Rx pain meds. & crazy thing is it seems the restrictions don’t apply to them. Just the rest of us. Wtf?
    If they(gov’t) are going to make “guidelines”/”laws” & restrictions on Rx pain meds, they should be the first to suffer & see how well they do with it. If they’re not willing to go through the torture of being in constant agonizing pain every day, day after day, then they should NOT make ANY “guidelines”/”laws” or restrictions! & DEA should NOT be scaring/harassing & prosecuting our doctors/pharmacy’s just because they’re trying to help us.
    If they’d let our doctors adequately prescribe legal, safe & effective Rx pain meds, hundreds of thousands would not be going to the streets(illegal street drugs). Therefore, there wouldn’t be the demand & less illegal drugs would come in. Not to mention less dealers/cartels & people to transport them.
    When people can’t get prescribed legal Rx pain meds, they look elsewhere. Basically, the only option that is as effective as Rx pain meds is illegal street drugs. More turning to illegal street drugs causes more demand. More demand causes more/stronger supply & more dealers/cartels & people who transport them. This all leads to more problems & more death!
    So, stop harassing/prosecuting our doctors for trying to help us! Stop restrictions & give back the meds that help us LIVE!!!
    The thing is, Od’s, suicides & death have skyrocketed since their(*CDC/Govt) “guidelines” turned laws. Obviously, something is wrong if things keep getting worse & more keep dying. But they(govt) keep touting their lies & misinformation.
    Just because you say something over & over, doesn’t make it true or right. A lie is a lie is a lie. No matter how many times you might repeat it.

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