The extent which Pharmacists are willing to help their pts is just indescribable









This comment was sent to me – from one of my regular readers –  in regards to this post on my blog

Snowmageddon vs can’t fill your pain meds early

I just HAD to see what my pharmacy would say to this. I JUST called and asked what the protocol is for this? What should I do to protect myself if there was ever a weather emergency etc; The answer I just got was HORRIBLE. “Don’t worry about it, if it’s not happening”….WOW really? How fast can we pretend I didn’t ask that question. So I called another pharmacy…Not one I normally go to. The answer I got very so very helpful…He said, and I quote…..“You better pray this does not happen”……Steve add this to your website. I am sitting here FLOORED!

I know that most Pharmacist are pretty smart.. apparently the first one has apparently never watched the weather channel and all the natural disasters that they seems to report on weekly and the three NE states that just got around THREE FEET of  SNOW… this week..  NO NATURAL DISASTER HERE ? Maybe this Pharmacist has some supernatural powers to prevent natural disasters in a particular radius around him/her.. now I suspect that would be comforting to his/her pts..

And the second Pharmacist providing religious guidance … the scope of pharmacy practice sure has expanded in recent years… can’t wait to see the video of the chanting and the laying of the hands to help pts heal …

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  1. Was terminated from Walgreens because I couldn’t immunize because of a phobia. That occurred in 2011. Haven’t been able to get a full time pharmacy position since then. This occurred in NC. My 3 1/2 year record with the company was outstanding. At the time, NC state government took me on to sue Walgreens. They backed out of it 12 months later saying, since Walgreens offered me a position in about 2 1/2 hours from where I lived, they had to drop my suit. The are was Fayetteville, NC. The store had a high turnover because it was in a bad area. Any input for me. Thank you. Any class actions you know of relating to a mental disability.

  2. We simply are seen as non-humans. Heck…. Animals receive more compassionate care than us humans do!
    It doesn’t matter what happens in our personal unpredictable lives that could sway a pharmacist to get our meds even a day early!!! Found that out the hard way… Had to skip a family reunion last fall because of DEA RULES AND REGULATIONS.
    I seem to existing my own life anymore… I’m a prisoner to all of my medication regimen… And I only take one narcotic…. Hydrocodone 5mg. The rest are a deadly combo of chemotherapeutic drugs and prednisone…, all of which the pharmacy will not allow me to have not even a DAY before I run out (30 day supply). Not even my BP pill which I annoying without. Not aDAY EARLY!!!!
    I don’t drive… I cannot safely drive myself under the influence of the narcotic and muscle relaxer I take. So how do they know that mY husband basically works “pharmacy hours ” at a jewelry store and he cannot always get to the pharmacy… Only on days off work!?!? I’ve told them…. However it does not matter!
    They do not care wgether I get any of my life-sustaining medications on time.
    And this folks, is the beginning of the end for us sick folks I feel.
    They want us to sit in a ball crying out of absolute desperation.., they want us to give up and go away… To DIE.
    What if they treated a puppy this way???
    Nancy Grace and Jane Valez-Mitchell would be generating major media blitzes over such abuse over animals…………..,.
    But what about us HUMANS.
    Oh I forgot… We are just junkies…. Not the animals!

  3. most of these losers aren’t even pharmacists and have the “I’m all powerful” complex. It’s just fricking sad what the world has come to regarding pain patients, and drug seekers. 🙁

  4. The 3 other pharmacists I work with and myself would offer to call the MD to ask if we can fill it early. There have always been unhelpful pharmacies and helpful pharmacies.

  5. As I posted in a comment on a similar post….My sad and disgusted feeling is that Pam “throw them all in jail’ Bondi and her “Im not comfortable filling that’ crowd will refuse to do any early fills on certain meds in the event a hurricaine in on its way to any point on the FL coastline (gulf or otherwise) and mandatory evacuations are in order….so I guess she plans on hundreds of patients to ‘bug out’ with ZERO extra supply of pain medications and let the emergency shelters handle the withdrawal symptoms these patients will be going through becuase she demands they only fill at ONE pharmacy 10 steps within their domicle. Which may or may not be there when they get back. BUT if you have diabetes, heart disease, hypertension or any other chronic disease….they’ll be more than happy to make sure you have enough to get you through the natural disaster

  6. And you were surprised?

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