the DEA told Newsweek it’s not responsible for pts inability to get prescriptions

DEA Says It Doesn’t ‘Regulate Practice of Medicine’

Amid Patient Backlash to Proposed Opioid Prescription Cuts’

After hundreds of chronic pain patients begged the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to reconsider its proposed cuts to opioid production,

the agency told Newsweek it’s not responsible for their inability to get prescriptions.

If the DEA adopts the cuts, they would reduce production of some of the most commonly prescribed opioids in the United States for the fourth year in a row, drastically cutting fentanyl and oxymorphone, by 31 percent and 55 percent, respectively, as well as hydrocodone (19 percent), hydromorphone (25 percent) and oxycodone (9 percent).

These cuts should have no bearing on the decisions made by caregivers and their “legitimate pain patients,” according to the DEA.

It’s possible patients are getting caught in the crossfire from a flurry of recent federal policies aimed at culling illegal abuse of the drugs, but it’s not clear which policy, if any, is at fault for their reported lack of access.

Millions of Americans Addicted
Tablets of oxycodone from a prescription. A recent DEA proposal would reduce production of some of the most commonly prescribed opioids in the United States for the fourth year in a row. Eric Baradat/Getty images

In proposing the aggregate production quota, the DEA looks at the total amount of substances needed to meet the country’s medical, scientific, industrial and export needs for the year, including dispensed prescriptions, the DEA told Newsweek in a statement. That means the agency’s production limits should match, not control, demand.

The DEA “does not regulate the practice of medicine. We do not get between a doctor and his or her patient,” a DEA spokesperson said. “We also want legitimate pain patients, their families and caregivers to know that DEA does not seek to limit or take away their vital prescriptions.”

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the surgeon general have implemented their own agenda to combat the opioid epidemic, issuing strict guidelines for doctors prescribing the drugs in 2016. On October 10, the Trump administration told physicians to use more caution in applying the guidelines, following widespread reports that people were cut off their prescriptions or even turned away, according to The New York Times.

It’s possible the guidelines, or the general stigma now associated with prescription painkillers, have led to the tapering off of supply reported by many chronic pain patients to the DEA. One patient, a stroke survivor, said he took prescription opioids without problems until 2017, when he said federal regulations made the drugs too hard to obtain. Since then, medical cannabis has helped but became less effective when his condition deteriorated. Now, he can’t travel or leave his home much because of the pain.

In 2018, an investigation by former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill exposed financial ties between some of the world’s biggest producers of painkillers and third-party advocacy groups. Purdue Pharma, Mylan, Janssen Pharmaceuticals and other major drugmakers donated more than $10 million to patient advocacy groups like the National Pain Foundation, the American Geriatrics Society and the American Chronic Pain Association.



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  1. […] Here is a blog post from the first of 2023 the DEA told Newsweek it’s not responsible for pts inability to get prescriptions […]

  2. The DEA needs to stay out of our Dr office, I’ve been cut over half my reg dose that I was stable on

  3. Steve– This Newsweek article was published on 10/14/2019. Oops.
    Regardless, thanks for everything you do!

    • You’re correct, but sadly, whether published10/2019 or today, the same sick saga and dilemma for all left to suffer in pain hell is the same.

      Personally, I see zero reason nor hope to believe anything will change and benefit the suffering of pts anywhere. Feds sowed it all up lock stock and barrel as they intended in 4/2016.

      Same sick ” Agenda,” different year.

    • I noticed that date before I posted it…HOWEVER… I don’t ever remember seeing that article before… since that article… the SCOTUS in June 2022 ruled ( 9-0 vote) that the DEA should not use objective criteria in judging how a practitioner is treats/dosing of pts dealing with subjective diseases. there has been a new & revised CDC opiate dosing guidelines and a couple of states have passed laws that suppose to protect practitioner in prescribing higher doses of opioids to pts to properly treat their pain. Some of us believe that the DEA’s SOP in the DEA raiding office practices have not changed and/or may have accelerated raiding office practices. I have seen articles about pts committing suicide after their practitioners office was shut down and they could not find a new practitioner to treat their pain. It was reported that one of those pts died of the withdrawal she was thrown into. IMO, the DEA has their agenda and our laws means NOTHING TO THEM…. they do as them damn please… and what they have been doing for the past FIVE DECADES and no intention of changing the SOP

  4. Bless Pat, the 100% ignorance, 100% stupidity and 100% lies just keep on coming. I’m eternally grateful to the DEA and CDC, everybody and his brother in the Feds for my suffering.

    Thank you, Jesus, for the intelligence to decline any hope of remission for my terminal disease. With a wing and a prayer, I promise to do my best, Feds, and die on time in another tear if not sooner. Please Feds, DO feel mighty fine and accomplished for the millions you’ve intentionally left to suffer and dying one hellacious existence.
    Hey thanks for leaving the ABC store alone. Too bad my insurer will not pay for my alcohol, but hey they’ll pay hundreds of thousands for my pickled liver Pancreatitis bouts. Morphine is still cheap and alleviates pain

  5. They are bigger liars than Trump and cowards to boot. Every doctor I have talked to since the 2016 CDC Opioid Guidelines blame the CDC and the DEA ! The DEA is absolutely culpable for the significant drop in patients being
    prescribed opioid pain medication. Thousands of pain patients have died from lack of opioid medication caused by the DEA’s overzealous attempt to stop drug overdoses by targeting doctors and pharmacies. The overdoses are quite common because of the DEA’s lack of controlling the Drug War. The DEA’s failure to defeat the Drug War is causing a big problem and deaths for Pain Patients. Being COWARDS and attacking Patients and Doctors, is the NEW DEA way of solving their problems.
    Ted Cole

  6. This is clearly BS! Are they ever going to help the real pain patients:(
    Im not sure what I’ll do if im. No longer treated

    • Sorry, but I see zero indication since the CDC rolled out their BS 4/16/16 that anything will ever change the tide to help any pain pts in the US. Those of us with chronic diseases which cause pain of severity will only continue to suffer.

      Since 2017 having NOTHING to treat my pain after 28 yrs of opiate maintenance with excellent results, I pondered what in God’s name I would do to manage indefinitely with 0 meds. Well, I’m home confined, showing signs of cognitive decline abd early dementia thanks to never entering rem sleep per 3 sleep studies. Well, I don’t sleep thanks to the pain.

      I’m extremely grateful it took many months before I could access medical care ( whoot whoot, covid hysteria killed millions who never had covid but hey shut down the Country and go hysterical and forget about the millions with serious illnesses who need urgent care!) Alas, good job again, Feds,
      only took 8 months 6 specialists from the onset of my cancer sy.ptoms to get into care
      I declined all treatments which would only prolong the inevitable. ALL I asked for was pain mgt with the horrendous bone pain from cancer gnawing away at my spine, hips, ribs like Swiss cheese. Oncologist said ” Sorry, I cannot treat your pain. If I do, I’ll lose my med license, be incarcerated in Fed Pen. Go onto the ER and they’ll treat your pain.” Yea right. 7 hrs later I’d had 1 IV dose of morphine 4 MG and was told go home and have some Aleve.” Instead, I had my friend stop by the ABC store en route back home. How I will manage my pain until the end.

      Oh BTW, where I reside, post op pts are receiving grand care. Instead of a post op bottle of IV Tylenol, guess what? It’s the post op pain pts twice a day, pts get the miracle medicinal mj! Just wondering if any insurance plans are paying for worthless weeds?

      I’m staying home til the end. Thank God I am alone
      I can drink like a fish, scream as loud as I need in.pain he’ll and tell all the alphabets ( except the ABC) to take their barbaric, heinous Agenda and “shove it where the sun don’t shine.” Whooot whoot!
      What a blessing God gave me a backup plan and terminal illness. I am looking forward to eternal life with ZERO suffering! Bring it on!

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