The American Heart Association fund raiser

Sort of off  – way off – topic… but.. ONLY GRANDSON’S grade school – Durham, NC – is having a jump rope fund raiser for The American Heart Association. In case you haven’t guessed.. he is sort of infatuated with HARRY POTTER’S WORLD.. The American Heart Association is a good cause.. cause all of us – except for those in the DEA and some healthcare professionals – have a heart 🙂

This link takes you to a donation page.. and use your charge/debit card… if you are so inclined…

Aaron Sharkey Personal Image

Aaron Sharkey  8 y/o

Join me in my efforts to support Jump Rope For Heart or Hoops For Heart!

I’m joining millions of others to help save lives with the American Heart Association!

At my school, I’m learning how I can help make a difference by raising lifesaving donations to help kids with heart disease. I’m also learning about my own heart, and how to keep it healthy. And I’m getting active!

I’m excited about raising money for other kids – kids with hearts that don’t exactly work right and to help fund new medicines and treatments to be discovered.

Please help me make a difference! Thank you!


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