Thanks to my readers and… for the skeptics ….

I just looked at the number of page views this little blog gets.. and for the month of June.. My “little blog” has set page view records for the highest single day, the highest average page views per day and the most page views for a month… and the page views for the first 6 months of 2014 is approaching the number of page views for the entire year of 2013. The number of comments are exploding as are the “likes” to FaceBook , Twitter and LinkedIn ..

This suggests that those (chronic painer)  that are being “screwed” by some of my colleagues are becoming educated, empowered and mad as hell and not going to take it anyone more… and.. those Pharmacists that are mad and feel threatened because that same group is wising up to your tactics and are starting to line up to “take you out”. You know who you are…


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  1. I have learned more from this blog than any other site on web. Thank you for helping. I do read all-including the comments. My opinions on pharmacies have dropped especially with the refusal to fill medication I have been on over a year with lies for excuses.

  2. We’re not gonna take it anymore!!

  3. I was about to give up on this thing about not being able to get my once a month script filled for chronic pain. I have to say I learned a lot from Steve and it means a lot to me and I’m sure for others that didn’t know the procedures to act on. After all I did my part from 2002 thru 2010 advocating for those suffering with chronic pain when no one else would help them. It was pathetic to see and hear these suffering people here in the U.S. that didn’t have the strength to seek out a Pain Specialist. They had been thru the ringer and where about to give up.
    Most of these people suffering with chronic pain didn’t know which way to turn because they had been lied to and drained of their energy to fight back, as you all know how this ongoing chronic pain can drain you of every ounce of your energy making you want to just give up and die. I helped as many pain sufferers as I could. I felt I owed it to others that where in my position before I found help for my chronic pain, this was my way of giving back. Now that error in my life is over, we lost a very caring pain specialist named Dr. Joel Hochman back in 2010 to kidney cancer and I had to close our website and chat room of the website I advocated from called” The National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain.” I never made a dime just a adrenalin rush when I was able to place a suffering person with a compassionate Pain Specialist somewhere in the U.S.

    That was then this is now and I cant believe it has come to this with suffering people with legit/on time/medically necessary Rx filled on time before they run out throwing them in to withdrawals and possibility of seizure’s or heart attack. I followed Steve’s advice and got my script filled today. Now I know how to handle a pharmacist that’s thinks I’m just a drug seeker when indeed I suffer from severe intractable pain due to a degenerative disc disease in my cervical spine.

    Thank you, Steve ,

  4. AMEN to YOU Steve! Thanks a ton for doing this blog! We really appreciate you!

  5. It will not always be the harassment m intimidation, bullying and fear that prevails in the corporate world without accountable actions that really mean something.
    The whole pharmacy world has always kept their chin up and took the way it is . Maybe when the minority becomes the majority (soon approaching) then we will get back to the patients and not the metrics. Maybe we call all deal with each other on a moral and correct way rather than , “I need to see better……..”

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