Tania Burgess for America

Tania Burgess for America


I love and greatly respect my President Donald J. Trump. I served him for 18 mos throughout the 2016 Presidential Campaign traveling all over this great nation with him. I’d like to know why we have shifted the focus and narrative off the border, the drugs and crime that continues to flow into America from the Southern Border? Why are we suddenly focusing on legally prescribed pain management treatment of 50-80M legitimate pain patients? Why in the world would we attack a patient right to treatment? Why would we deny the elderly and cancer patients pain management being the two largest groups of pain patients in the country? Why would we take away their right of choice to choose their treatment? Why would we allow BigGov to interfere in the legally privileged relationship between a provider and patient? Why are we breaking our own Patient Privacy laws/Hipaa? Why are we conducting illegal search and seizures through pharmacies (Walmart, Walgreens) sending monthly patient med RX reports to state med board that then, they turn over to State AG and DEA? Why make patients suffer from their legitimate physical internal injuries or illnesses? Denying treatment that works to help patients live somewhat of a pain free day, why would we deny them to make them suffer in severe pain to the point of desperation to force them to a black market of illicit manufactured drugs coming across the border in massive quantities that are lethal and deadly? Do we want a real opioid death toll of epic proportions of 50-80M pain patients, not addicts? This administration along with DEA reports recently released admits the opioid crisis is the mass production in Mexico since 2014-2018 having increased their opium production? With Mexico, China and Afghanistan, the opioid crisis that we are facing is coming across the border and suddenly, we have turned a blind eye? Mr. President, I respectfully argue that this healthcare grab to control doctors to prevent them from treating their patients is absolutely absurd. Are there some bad actors? Of course but, the number of bad actors is far less than what’s coming across that border and you know that with all certainty. On another note, Addiction is a diagnosis that requires a thorough evaluation by a medical professional?

When did the government evaluate 50-80 million patients to suddenly diagnose them with addiction? When did the government becomes licensed to practice medicine to issue that diagnoses without an evaluation?

Fact, the addiction rate of prescribed pain medication is less than 3% among users. We’ve been treating serious medical conditions for years including, veterans coming home with internal life long injuries, limbs to half their bodies missing and wheel chair bound. We are suddenly calling a veteran an addict? We completely took away their PTSD and pain management treatment beginning 2009 by Obama through the VA and we are sitting here wondering why their committing suicide using it as some political attention grab? That’s not how we roll Mr. President. Based on solid proof,

the DEA issuing opioid death reports without any toxicology reports to verify whether an OD was from prescribed meds or illicit manufactured street opioids to leave it up to media to blow up this assumption that it’s prescribed meds?

To the rest of America, I truly believe that OUR President Donald J. Trump continues to be ill advised on this issue. There’s absolutely no way that my President would knowingly do anything to cause harm or pain to any American. There’s no way that he’d knowingly support the bureaucracy interference of our healthcare rights and privacy.

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  1. A general approach to facts and reality, instead of mass media would have shown what this guy would do. Anyone who dehumanizes people, and only respects money and profits, would not have any meaningful positive impact on anything. The only predictor of future behavior, is past behavior. Too bad so many people were duped and misled, and fail to recognize facts.

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