Take a STAND … or let them CUT YOU OFF AT THE KNEES ?

ATTENTION ALL OREGON PAIN PATIENTS this Attorney needs to hear from YOU!!!! This ATTORNEY is interested in getting a court case started for chronic pain patients suffering & deprived of their care but she must hear from you. I HOPE & PRAY so many pain patients from Oregon call so they will have  case open to every pain patient   PLEASE PLEASE CALL !!!!!!! KAY TEAGUE ATTORNEY AT LAW SOKOL & FOSTER P.C. STROWBRIDGE BUILDING 735 S.W. FIRST AVENUE PORTLAND, OREGON 97204 (503) 228-6469 FAX # (503) 228-6551 E-MAIL KAY@SOKOLFOSTER.COM

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  1. I see many chronic/severe pain sufferers being cut off their pain meds and given weak or no pain meds. These are people who have taken their pain meds for many years as proscribed and taking then responsibly to cope with the horrible pain they have. It’s bad enough they suffer in severe pain daily but to take away their opioid pain meds are inhumane treatment. I know a person that has a deteriorating spine that. He has 10 disc that have collapsed and 3 have been replaced. The surgeon said he could NOT do anymore surgery on his back. He said you will have this Pain the rest of your life so speak to your pain doctor about treating it. The pain doctor said he can’t give the opioid meds anymore ( 3 a day). The only thing he will give this person is a weaker Tylenol pain med that does not work very well for that type of pain. This same person wore off over a 1/2 inch of bone on one knee. After 30 years this person had to do a knee replacement because the doctor would not treat for pain anymore. Now everyday his leg swells and has turned blue. They did a surgery trying to correct it and made it worse. So now this person suffers with 5 disc out in his back, 5 disc out of his neck, a knee replacement gone bad and now being given Tylenol for pain. The person is me I’m speaking about is me. All we need is a pain card for people like myself exempting restrictions to properly treat pain sufferers that are low risk.

  2. Ok,,i just called,,,their secretary said ,,’only for the state of Oregon,,soo Connie,,,,give a call,,,,,,maryw

  3. Emailed my story, hope many more do too

  4. Unfortunately, this sounds like another Attorney who was going to help the chronic pain patient (if only enough chronic pain people would call.). People got excited and called. The attorney never had any o tention of suing the government. THIS IS A POLITICAL PROBLEM. Sorry, but that is the truth.

  5. Great…exactly what is needed.
    This is a go.

  6. Thank you for making this a bigger & better looking post to get this info. passed around.

  7. AMEN,,FU————- ABOUT TIME,,,,, iof she want us all as witness ,,out of state witness’s,,,again ,I will testify for free,,”for” the use of our medicines,,,,,This is wonderful news for the state of Oregon,,,now,,lets hope their house of cards starts tumbling to the ground,,,I only wish we all could join in,,,But thank u for helping the medically ill in physical pain,,,,ITS ABOUT TIME,,SOMEONE WHO IS A ATTORNEY,,STAND UP TO HELP US,,,INSTEAD OF CALLING US,,”JUSTFYABLE CASUALITIES,,,,,this made my day,,,awesome,,,,maryw

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