STEWARDSHIP – a Euphemism for practicing medicine without a license ?



So it would appear that Walmart has created a corporate edict for their pharmacists to not only cut the days supplies of opiate Rxs for acute pain but to also reduce the dose to 50 MME/day.

Here is just one of the MME conversion programs out there  and a footnote off of this one particular program which all have – or should have a similar WARNING to not use these conversion numbers as ABSOLUTE

Published equianalgesic ratios are considered crude estimates at best and therefore it is imperative that careful consideration is given to individualizing the dose of the selected opioid. Dosage titration of the new opioid should be completed slowly and with frequent monitoring. 

The authors make no claims of the accuracy of the information contained herein; and these suggested doses and/or guidelines are not a substitute for clinical judgment. Neither GlobalRPh Inc. nor any other party involved in the preparation of this document shall be liable for any special, consequential, or exemplary damages resulting in whole or part from any user’s use of or reliance upon this material.  

Image result for graphic nero fiddling while rome burned wasn’t it Nero playing his fiddle while Rome burned ” ?

Will the Medical/Pharmacy boards doing anything while pts suffer ?

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  1. Hayden have you heard of Don’t Punish Pain and other sites thst are working to change this around? Please join us.

  2. I have spoke to JEAN FISHER BRINKLY of the NC state Medical Board several times. She is one of the mouthpieces for the Board. When attempting to find out “how” I could receive an effective dosage of medication almost two years ago when reduced in medication 80 percent after 23 years of documented, beneficial use from pain management facilities, one of two that I have been a patient at since the surgeon screwed up my lower spine 25 years ago her answer ( quite smugly) was that the physician had to “justify” prescribing in excess of 90 mme daily .I explained to her that I had literally dozens of injections, low back infusions and had used and tried EVERY non opioid pain medication available but I still was in severe pain…..constantly, continuously. I asked her just “how” the doctor could justify prescribing me am effective dosage so I could continue to work and operate my business of 37 years. She did NOT have an answer for me because she knew already that our doctors were all under scrutiny so severe to NOT prescribe over 90 mme that their very license to practice WOULD be “surrendered” if they did so. Her final word was a smug answer that, and I quote, “there will be no more high dosages of opiate medication prescribed any more”. Who the hell has decided that in excess of 90 mme is a “high dosage”????? Some dot/gov board at CDC? I realize that this “plan” to reduce dosages of medication to ALL pain management patients started about a decade ago, everything I read from professional, accredited, pain management experts state that 90 mme is NOT an effective dosage for one and all but, HHS, CDC, and dot/gov “experts” disagree. I had the surgeries on my spine so I would NOT have to use pain medication for the rest of my life however, the surgeries did not go to plan. I am thankful for opiate medication. I have been DOUBLE urine screened, pill counted and was able to continue to work with an effective dosage for 23 years. I have lost the home I built and paid for with my own hands, my wife and my life savings and STILL await SS Disability that I applied for when reduced in medication in 8 weeks by 80 percent…..two years ago. We are expected to simply “adjust” to constant pain that is so severe that death is contemplated daily? Ted Budd, NC’s 13 district representative in DC, Richard Burr ( Senator) AND Thom Tillis (Senator)NC’s representatives could care less about the tens of thousands of people in NC that now are prisoners in our homes even after CDC published there are approximately 9 to 11 million people nationwide that need opiate medication but stop short of stating that we may need in excess of 90 mme. The politicians and the dot/gov health agencies simply consider pain management patients a burden on society even if you have been an active tax payer and paid your SS taxes since the day we began working. They don’t even consider the life of those that may have been born with a pain generating disease. I understand the “wall” and border security IS important and the DEA should be doing there primary job which is to stop illicit substances from entering the country instead of acting like they are stopping an “opioid crisis” by torturing doctors and pain management patients. WE have NOTHING to look forward to but death now. I REFUSE to EVER have an “elective” surgery again. IF I am unconscious and require surgery to “live” I have no choice. The 2016 CDC “guideline” should be just that…..a guideline not law! I am sure that most pain management patients as more and more statistics come to light are experiencing the same brutality that I am. MY opinion.

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