Sometimes.. it is about what they do SAY !

DEA Announces New Leadership

Is it just me… or does his statement seem to suggest that Mr Tuggle’s thought process is that all those who use legal opiates are “addicts”.. notice that he states that his primary enforcement priorities of our region which are prescription opiates and heroin… NOT the illegal use/abuse of legal drugs..  He has been at the DEA for 20+ yrs.. more than enough time to be “brain washed” the DEA’s mindset that anyone using opiates are addicts/junkies..  Just like they state that opiates are HIGHLY ADDICTIVE rather than the truth that they are POTENTIALLY ADDICTING. Also notice his education background in medicine/healthcare… ZERO EXPERIENCE…

JUL 30 (PHILADELPHIA) – The Philadelphia Field Division of the Drug Enforcement Administration announces the arrival of Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Gary Tuggle. With an area of responsibility that includes all DEA offices in Pennsylvania and Delaware, Mr. Tuggle brings new energy and commitment to the enforcement priorities of the region for which he will oversee.

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to lead the DEA Philadelphia Field Division. I am committed to tackling the primary enforcement priorities of our region which are prescription opiates and heroin,” said Special Agent in Charge Gary Tuggle. “We will work to improve the safety of our communities and save lives by committing the resources necessary to disrupt and dismantle the most significant drug trafficking organizations. Additionally, it is essential that we further educate the public on the relationship between prescription drug abuse and its transition to heroin.  Therefore, I plan to work closely with schools, coalitions and community leaders to get this message out.”

Mr. Tuggle, a Baltimore native began his career as a Baltimore City Police Officer.  In 1992 he joined the DEA and has since served at a number of assignments to include; Baltimore, Miami, Bridgetown, Barbados Country Office and Chicago. After being promoted in Chicago, Mr. Tuggle was transferred overseas as the DEA Country Attaché at the US Embassy in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Upon returning from overseas Mr. Tuggle served various duties while at DEA headquarters in Arlington, VA.

In 2012, Mr. Tuggle was assigned as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Washington Division where he subsequently led the Baltimore District Office until his promotion to the DEA’s Senior Executive Service and appointment to the Philadelphia Field Division.

Mr. Tuggle holds a Master Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and a Master of Arts Degree (MA) in Government with a concentration in National Security Studies from Johns Hopkins University. He completed his undergraduate studies with a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Management Science at Coppin State University.

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  1. 20+ years? Is he brainwashed or the brainwasher? I really don’t think many of them are brainwashed, maybe the entry level positions are. I think they know the truth, but they enjoy making and watching others suffer. With the great lengths they are going to, with the lies, the embellishments – I’m sorry, but I can’t buy ‘brainwashed’. I would like to know what happens to one of them if they have severe pain though, or a loved one of theirs. Anyone know?

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