Roe vs wade: how could it help/hurt the chronic pain community

The 1973 landmark decision made abortion legal for women during their first trimester of pregnancy

Option 1: There has been a leak concerning that the SCOTUS is going to overturn Roe vs Wage.. If this comes to pass then an abortion falls back to the states rules/laws. Senator Manchin recently stated that there are abt 500 state laws on the books concerning abortions.

Option 2: The SCOTUS lets Roe vs Wade stand

Option: 3: Congress passes a bill that would make abortions legal and basically negates the 500 state laws that exists. Congress could put time limits that matches the first trimester that Roe vs Wade supported or make abortions legal until a woman goes into labor, or anywhere in between.

Unless Congress codifies that abortions are legal,  the protests are going to continue… with “My body, My choice”… and this past week a woman testified before a Congressional hearing

so, if this is true… everyone should be able to protest abt  “my body, my choice” and should be able to get medication to properly manage their pain ?

As I remember our Founding Fathers in our Declaration stated that we have the unalienable rights – Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness – which the Declaration says have been given to all humans by their Creator, and which governments are created to protect.

I may be wrong, but from this statement, our Founding Fathers did not intend for their successors to REDEFINE – OR MICROMANAGE -THOSE UNALIENABLE RIGHTS.

Without proper pain management – NONE OF THOSE UNALIENABLE RIGHTS are attainable and the governments are doing more interring with than protecting ?



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  1. JMO,,,,,I think its just another way/example of the federal government violating law cfr 42-1395,,,government interference into medicine..Hey they got away with it w/us,,,,,gave them a play book on ,”how to guide,” to force other medical restriction onto a populous,,,jmo,my body,,,my right,maryw

  2. It’s a violation of our religious freedom as well. God gave me this pain and God gave me a way to live through it. The Evil of Man took this from us. One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. The same thing can be said about our medications. What ruins the live of those without self control. Is what gives another the chance at a normal life. They know this. This whole scheme has been so we no longer have to guard Afghanistan Poppy Fields. And so they could shite on our State and Federal Constitutions to Sue these companies Post defacto for Billions… We were just collateral damage in their latest Cash cow just like the thousands of Americans they killed and hid from the Arkansas prison blood scandal. The true cause of the AIDS epidemic spreading so fast. Where’s the story of the quickly silenced lawsuits against Hillary’s Rose Law Firm and associates after they were exposed taking out life insurance policies on American soldiers they illegally and illicitly knew had received Clinton’s AIDS Tainted Blood after being wounded defending our Nation. They did not share a single dime of those hundreds of millions they made from our hero’s deaths. They are simply silenced like the rest of their American Victims…

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