RIP: In her haunting words, she couldn’t do it anymore. “This is not survivable”

The beloved advocate, lawyer, & activist Erin Gilmer has passed on. She was suffering in #IntractablePain.

Her doctors ignored her to death.

How many must die to prove there is a TREMENDOUS problem in American Healthcare?

She begged for help for years, and no one listened. No one. When there is no end in sight, no relief, the #livingdeath of constant pain can literally lead to #suicide.

In her haunting words, she couldn’t do it anymore. “This is not survivable”, she shared.

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  1. […] RIP: In her haunting words, she couldn't do it anymore. "This is not survivable" […]

  2. I understand her
    Currently deciding against cancer surgery. Already suffered too long.
    Also not survivable
    I studied how to stop fluids and feeding. My pain. No hope in sight. My choice.

  3. My heartfelt sympathy for her family. I know how she felt, as I am going through the same thing. I was very active in the advocacy, but I just gave up. It’s too hard. I have no energy, I’m tired of fighting.
    Enough of this!!! I know that I sound paranoid, but I truly believe that there’s a conspiracy regarding all disabled people. We’re draining the insurance companies and the Social Security Disability funds.I have been dealing with this for years, with zero hope in sight.
    Again, my deepest sympathy, and I’m sorry for your troubles.

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