Revisiting the proper documentation

It has been a while since I have posted this.. I have been contacted by two RPH’s working for you-know-who.. where management is claiming that they have complaints or errors they were not aware of… but.. is being held against them.. with threats of being terminated.

Have you ever noticed that when there is something important that they are telling you where they are attempting to protect their own asses.. there is a piece of paper and signature involved?

The company that you work for.. keeps a file on you.. why aren’t you keeping a file on the company..

When they are telling you something.. that they don’t want a paper trail on… you have a one on one verbal conversation… there is reason for this.

In healthcare we are told.. “if it isn’t documented.. it didn’t happen ..”.. we seem to forget this when we are dealing corresponding with management above us.

Time and time again.. I have see/heard .. when management is “put into a corner” about something that was said… a verbal conversation..

Under such circumstances.. management will typically attempt to protect the company and in turn their own ass.. When asked a pointed question.. their reply is typically one of the following:

I don’t remember saying that

I don’t remember hearing that

He/she must have misunderstood what I said

That is not what I heard was said.

How do you combat such dementia/amnesia ?

Nothing is perfect.. but you must do some sort of documentation.. here is a first step

Every time that you have a one on one conversation.. where you are told to do something.. that you are not sure is ethical , legal or questionable… you send the person you had the conversation with a email .. high priority … read receipt..

The context of the email should be … I wish to confirm my understand of our conversation on date/time..

My understanding is …..

Close the email with some sort of statement …”unless I hear from you otherwise.. in the next 7 days.. I will presume that that my understanding of our conversation is correct..”

They will either ignore your email..  respond with a email telling you what they really wanted you to do/know.. or maybe even confirm your email..

Print out or Bcc the email to your home email.. or print out the email and the confirmation that it was read.. if you get one..

Collect hard or electronic copies of all corporate edicts that seems to go against company’s policies and procedures .. and/or any other law or practice act.

You want to document a pattern of operations that goes against the laws and/or good business practices.


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