Reporter looking for pts who have had their medication cut or stopped

There is a reporter taking stories of people who have been forced to taper or been cut off. She is asking for those stories. She is asking for emails by Wednesday Morning Thank you

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  1. some of us need lawyers, advocates,….because our medications, including pain-meds, are misrepresented, contain heavy metals and other toxic and dangerous mystery ingredients. I returned an “oxycodone” script because it almost gave me a stroke. Every month my “oxycodone” is / has different side-effects, like forced insomnia, [as if containing a stimulant]. Aside from the fact that the gov had lowered the active ingredients by up-to 40% without notice for certain meds like ADHD and chronic pain, the non-disclosure of them being “biosimilars”, or/and in combination with known carcinegins, it appears we’re at the mercy of lab rat reductionists.

  2. What is the correct email to contact pls. Mine failed to send as well. Thanks

  3. I found the error….this went thru…I found it on another pain group site 🙂

  4. Hi Steve, I just emailed her but it came back undeliverable…….I copied and pasted so the address was typed in right…..

  5. Is this only pain meds or can it be anxiety meds? Or how about a PM doc just deciding to take away medication he didn’t even prescribe?

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