R.I.P. Robert Charles Foster: suicide by cop

Robert Charles Foster

Robert Charles Foster, a male from Oregon died by suicide. ‘(or as he phrased it, “suicide by cop”). Foster told the police during a previous suicide attempt, “I had been in chronic, constant pain, and was for whatever reason, not able to get the medication he needed for it.” He was 65 years old. He came out of a building with a gun, and would not drop it, on the command from the police. They shot and killed him – this was his intention.’

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  1. […] careful what you post in titles. I  have a post concerning a chronic pain pt Robert Charles Foster who had lost his pain meds and ended up getting cops to end his pain FOR […]

  2. I am a pharmacist that was almost tasered to death by cops because i had my first manic episode and ive been treated like a pariah in the profession ever since. We help all the people with Bipolar, but youre marked as a pariah among others in the profession.

  3. Rest in peace, Mr. Foster. I am incredibly disgusted that it came down to this. What kind of “society” do we live in when we have legitimate, proven ways to alleviate chronic pain and yet it came down to this man seeing this as the only solution because no one would help him? The people responsible for this atmosphere can cite “overprescribing” and “risk of addiction” all they want to, but when patients with real, terribly painful problems no longer have access to adequate pain relief, there is NO JUSTIFICATION good enough. How can they pat themselves on the back for saving lives at the expense of others being sacrificed in order to PROP up the narrative that says all lives are valuable, but are evidently completely and totally fine with the lives of pain sufferers being upended, thrown into physical chaos, and ultimately designated for premature death in one form or another? I understand there is a stigma surrounding addiction, where many view them as throwaways who don’t deserve to live when they are in the throes of their addictions. I get that there is a need to underscore the fact that all lives have value. But if that’s true, then why don’t the lives of those who have significant, intolerable pain from countless sources, that they neither asked for nor want to have, matter? Why have we been thrown under the bus and hit with every wheel just so they can lift up people who experience a different issue? That doesn’t exactly scream that all lives have value. The people responsible for this want a specific outcome, and if they can’t get it in the way they want to (which would be outright prohibition) they’ll take the next best thing in the form of systematic refusal to provide pain relief to all under the guise of protecting us from ourselves. Where was this man’s protection? How did they “save” him? Oh, I see. He didn’t die from addiction to prescription pain meds. He died due to a lack thereof. So… mission accomplished? What a sick, twisted mentality. My deepest condolences to Mr. Foster and his loved ones. It’s not right. I don’t care how they attempt to spin it. It should NEVER have come to this. In a truly civilized society, it wouldn’t have. But we no longer have civility, morality, ethics or any semblance of humanity. Not when there are things like this occurring, with little to no reaction from the “powers that be”, as if it’s totally normal for this kind of thing to take place. This should never become the norm, but it is. Steadily and surely, it is. What a time to be alive. Lord help us all.

  4. Government genocide of the expendable populations will stop when we get the Controlled Substance Act repealed. No drug causes addiction. The War on Drugs was a racist agenda against minorities. With the repeal of the CSA, we will end the black market, the overdoses, the border crisis, make money through taxing legal products, and provide pain management again. Doctorsofcourage.org holds the key to success. Get on board the wrecking train!

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