PUBLIC NOTICE: The American Patient Defense Union Is Now Accepting Complaints From Patients Across the United States

PUBLIC NOTICE: The American Patient Defense Union Is Now Accepting Complaints From Patients Across the United States

Fellow Citizen,

This message is to inform you that The American Patient Defense Union is now open to receiving your personal complaints and grievances in interacting with Healthcare providers, insurers and drug/device companies.

Three categories of complaints will be considered by The Union:

  1. Personal grievances about “process issues” at specific hospitals and practices.
  2. Complications or allegations of harm at the hands of specific practitioners, hospitals or drug/device companies.
  3. Personal financial difficulties, collection notices or bankruptcies caused by specific hospitals, practitioners or insurers.

Please limit your initial communication with The Union to a 500-word email submitted to Please describe your grievance as concisely and specifically as possible. Following review and consideration of the information you provide, we will conduct a personal interview by phone in order to strategize with you. No communication with your providers or insurers will take place until we have conducted an interview and obtained your full consent to proceed. If you wish to communicate with us via a secure two-way encrypted email system, please create a free email account at and use it communicate with us.

Please note that The Union is strictly focused on individual patients’ specific and personal narratives of grievance or complication resulting from treatment by specific healthcare facilities, practitioners and drugs/devices in the United States. These can range from simple to complex matters.

The Union hopes to ultimately identify broad practices and policies that are causing financial or physical harm to individual patients across the United States — in order to address public policy issues on a larger scale. However, our strict starting point in all cases will be the individual American patient’s story of difficulties, conflict with or harm by specific practitioners, hospitals, insurers or drug/device companies.

The Union is NOT a law firm. However, in cases where we do believe negligence has occurred, we will recommend that you seek legal guidance.

We are aiming to defend your rights and voice, publicly —You, The American Patient.

The Union seeks to establish large-scale collective bargaining power capable of political lobbying at the state and federal levels with the goal of shifting medical practice in the United States away from a profit-driven corporate mode towards a patient-centered system. In achieving this goal, we need you to rise up and empower this union.

Please note that you are filing your complaint with The Union voluntarily. After verifying the information you provide, The Union will initially use this to generate a professionally-crafted and adequately-measured signal to the healthcare or insurance entity causing the grievance. This signal will be in the form of a letter of warning from The Union, to the entity you are interacting with, requesting immediate action on your behalf. Should the provider/insurer not respond in an adequate or timely fashion, this letter of warning will be shared with the public, the press and all members of The Union in order to maximize public scrutiny/exposure.

Ultimately, as The Union acquires member-driven power, it will provide the litigation services necessary to create changes to the behavior of our healthcare establishment using the individual grievances provided by our members.

Every Patient and citizen/resident of the United States is invited to join The Union. Specific instruction to join, including member fees, will be provided at in the near future.

Let’s begin to develop the powerful backbone every American patient needs to defend against harm in seeking a healthier tomorrow.

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  1. Had my 3rd pm dr appt yesterday (new dr after mine abandoned me in April) he told me yesterday the government is making it extremely difficult to treat chronic pain pts. not only are they being threatened with loss of license but jail time. I asked him what are people like me suppose To do when i’ve tried the alternative therapies MY BODY could take and my wallet surely could not afford. He looked me in the eyes as tears ran down my face and said he honestly has no answers I became emotional as prior to him saying that he was telling me that he could send me for surgical consult to remove scar tissue but didnt think id want to go thru with that .which I do not! and pretty much my pain needs to be managed, theres nothing more that can be done as my conditions worsen. He seemed very frustrated, not at me, but the I hope all thier lies and bullshit come back to haunt them. I hope they see images of the chronically ill in such horrific pain because of their actions that it drives them insane. I hope they suffer til the emd of time

  2. Hi Gillian, you can read about my story under the reply post I made to State of Wash: opiotes guidelines constitutionality being CHALLENGED by lawsuit? here on Steve’s website. If by chance your unable to locate it, just let me know and I’ll be more than happy to paste it here as well.

  3. What would be a good form letter for those of us that are having our medication reduced through no fault of our own, by and for no other reason except due to the new CDC Guidelines that were supposed to apply to primary care physicians only? Our long-term board certified pain management doctors, mine is an anesthesiologist, but they’re tired of fighting the bureaucracy, and scared of having their practice raided by the rouge DEA, so legitimate chronic pain patients are suffering from being under treated, or out right abandoned by their doctors!
    Our stories and diagnosis codes may differ, but many of stories are very similar. Once I was stable on my long-term pain medication, and then I was cut back because of the ridiculous hysteria that is viewed on the nightly news media, and more and more doctors are losing their license for treating their patients, and the government wants a cookie cutter solution for our life saving medications, regardless that each person is different!
    And the stupid media keeps saying opioids, opioid related deaths, or opioid overdoses, opioid crisis, when WHAT THEY SHOULD SAY is heroin laced with illegal Fentanyl made in China is flooding our streets via our porous border, so hey man, don’t shoot up, YOU MAY DIE. But no! Let’s save a few from themselves, at the expense of the many. Ass backwards government! Get outta my doctor’s office.

  4. Finally something besides negative news.Now there is at least some recourse for anyone that is covered by one of the three complaint categories listed. Time for patients to start fighting back.

  5. We need this badly..After finding MORE corruption today,,,people don’t know how deep,and how many are involved in the shear cruelity,inhumanity,and just plain disgusting arrogance that is involved in this torturing of the medically ill..Many,sorry,,are the rich,,the billionaires,,,on OUR DIME,,, so were paying to get tortured to death literally,,
    Klonodyn is over in Europe spreading his sickness,,so well,he’s got 2 medical/pharmacuetical groups to sign up w/him in thee last 48 hours..Point being if this generation does not stop this cruel ideation,that our free will insn’t ours,,our bodies are not ours to control,,ie,informed consen”t,,and that the medically ill have a humane right to access to effective medical care.,,,,your kids,,will be farrrr worse off then us,,maryw

    • Well said Mary!

      • Did u know,klonodyns brother howard,,is thee head of thee Governors’ association for 31 years!!!gee do u think we just found our corrupter of all our politicians?Did u know klonodyn himself,,is the director of doctors,hospital insurers?!Did u know he owns the board of some pharamacuetical company?!,,this guy goes deep,,,deep into who is feeding our politician lies,,and their buying his lies hook line and sinker!!!maryw

      • Sorry very rude of me,,,thank u,,,for your kind comment,,,maryw

      • I agree Mary very well said !!!

        • ditto Pam,emailen u,,A lawsuit has been filed,formally,,and finally.But its for only 4 states,,but heck,,thats wonderful!!!!MARYW

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