Pts BEING ROBBED at the pharmacy counter and totally unaware of it

According to this, Caremark flipped the Rx to Goodrx, and the pt was charged ~ $46. GoodRx charged the pharmacy a $38.50 “administration fee” and the pharmacy was left with a $16 LOSS and the money that the pt paid at the pharmacy did not apply to their annual deductible.  I saw a video the other day from a pharmacy/pharmacist who has gone to an ALL CASH on prescriptions and he was charging wholesale cost plus $10. Under this example, at such a pharmacy, the pt would have paid $33.86, and this pt would have saved some 30%. CVS Health/Caremark would have made ZERO and the pharmacy/pharmacy would have a profit of $10

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  1. 3rd Parties screwing over everyone ….. who is surprised ?

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