Pharmacy school offers robbery prevention seminars

From the article:

Perhaps, it is a sign of the times. Husson University offers a seminar that trains pharmacy students in the preventive, legal, and emotional aspects of pharmacy robberies.

“We want to help ensure the safety of our graduates. This seminar provides future pharmacists with the knowledge they need to protect themselves, protect their businesses, and aid law enforcement,” said Katie Rossignol, operations manager for pharmacy experiential education at Husson University School of Pharmacy, Bangor, Maine. 

Husson recently sponsored its 3rd Annual Interprofessional Pharmacy Robbery Prevention Seminar.  This most recent session focused on helping pharmacists understand the traumatic nature of robberies and the kind of services available to victims.

“The combination of experts from our criminal justice and pharmacy program who are participating in these educational presentations are helping our students better understand both the challenges and rewards of working in a retail environment,” said Rodney A. Larson, founding dean of the Husson University School of Pharmacy. “By working together, we are helping to ensure that our graduates will be fully prepared for their roles and responsibilities as professional pharmacists.”

I am sure that Pharmacists will have great deal of input in how to improve the safety of the work environment at the chain pharmacy most of these future Pharmacist will end up working at after they become licensed.

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