Pelosi: Healthcare is a right, not a privilege – who are you going to believe ?

Pelosi is minority leader of the House.. so does her statement reflect all the Democrats in the House or the whole Democratic party ?  Even with Obamacare, we have abt 10% of the population  ( 30 million) without insurance and we still spend 3.8 TRILLION on healthcare. 

Does she really mean that everyone has the right to have access to healthcare ?  But wait a minute, the DEA has stated that anyone paying CASH for healthcare is a RED FLAG ?

Our previous Surgeon General stated that addiction(s) is a mental health disease and not a moral failing

But wait a minute,  the DEA/judicial system treats opiate addiction as a CRIME… are substance abusers/addicts also have the right to have access to medical care for their mental health issues ?

Should those in the chronic pain community contact their members of Congress to ask what their position is on a person’s right to have access to medical care ?

Many politicians at both the State and Federal level are trying to limit the number of days of opiate therapy for acute pain and many/most are allowing chronic pain pts to remain on their long term opiate therapy… BUT.. if there is a limit on treating acute pain to 3-5-7 days and maybe one additional prescription for an additional 3-5-7 days.. does this mean that there is no mechanism in place for newly diagnosed chronic pain pts to receive long term opiate therapy ?  Maybe legislatures intent is to just “legislate” chronic pain away ?

BUT… Dr. Steven Severyn, director of the Pain Services and Pain Medicine Fellowship at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Believes that new standard involves helping a patient improve function, not necessarily eliminating pain..

But wait a minute… pain is a sign that something is wrong and pain usually LIMITS FUNCTION…  what is going to happen if pts are forced to push thru the pain and keeping “functioning” and causes more damage and increases pain ?

If Congress comes down on the side that everyone is entitled to ACCESS TO MEDICAL CARE… where will this leave the DEA.. going back to their original charge — chasing drug cartels that are flooding our streets with illegal opiates ?


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  1. This is why politicians have no right to play Dr…w/my life,,,PHYSICAL PAIN is the 5th vital sign,,,just because these opiate phobs say no its not,,,doesn’t mean their rite??My case and 1,000 of others is proof of that statetment,,My physical pain was MISDIAGNOSED for almosty 20 f–ing years,,,,Dr.make mistakes,,,thats a fact,,,Nerve ending can/will become PERMANANTLY DAMAGE,….these opiat phobs believe we ALLLLL HEAL,,,,,,1..IDIOT OVER ON STAT,, stated whilst I was commentng over their,,”u don’t sound like 1 of them,”,,,wth is 1 of them,,,they stated u sound like 1 of us,,,us being a doctor who treats pain,,,,but the bigger ????,,,wth is ,”one of them,”???
    Candi from wisco has got it right,,,and we need to highlight her point..”No other chronic desease other then ours,,,,is denied access to effective medical care,,,,,Diabetics ,,get their insulin,,,heart patients,,,get there nitro,,,,but not us..U know there was a time,,,where our medicine was viewed as medicine,,,,not some demon drug as it is now,,,.WE NEED TO GET BACK TO THAT WAY OF THINKING AND TREATMENT,,!!!,,its no accident,,,that deaths went down by 4.5 % in thee ENTIRE population from 1993 thru 2000,,,,,when P.M,,,was 1 st introduced and people physical pain due to medical condition was treated as thee Doctors saw fit,,,,,,not as Dr.Government or klonoidyn saw fit!!The fact that suicides have skyrockets since the dea has instilled tyranny on our doctors,,the feds has arrested INNOCENT doctors,,,and Dr.Government is deciding who getsaccess to medicine and how much we are allowed to have,,,,,which is perpatrating torture & genocide onto the medically ill,,Its no accident in 2016 the death/suicides went up another 6000a year after klonodyns guidelines,,,,
    There was 12,000 suicides in 1999,,,,,,,,in 2016,,,,,there was 46,000,,,,,I guess the Federal Government can refuse to acknowledge the truth,,,that their guidelines,their tyranny on the medically ill/doctors have caused these death,,,,all they want,,,and that is exactly what they are doing,,,,BUT,,,,”WE THE PEOPLE,” KNOW ITS THEIR FAULTS,,,,,,AND HISTORY WILL DOCUMENT THIS TRUTH,,,,,THAT,,,WE WILL MAKE SURE OF!!!!!maryw

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