PBMs continue to impose barriers to care, raise costs for patients and threaten patients’ access to their community pharmacies

A few days I made this post 

Aetna whistleblower accuses CVS Health’s Caremark of fraud in Medicare Part D drug prices

Have you ever wondered what the PBMs are doing to help patients? I know I have. It is time for pharmacists to rally their patients to come together and Fight4Rx! Text Fight4Rx to 52886.

While community pharmacists continue to serve patients coping with or scared by the COVID-19 pandemic, PBMs continue to impose barriers to care, including assessing onerous pharmacy DIR fees that raise costs for patients and threaten patients’ access to their community pharmacies.

On behalf of all of community pharmacy, NCPA is launching Fight4Rx, a digital and social media platform to speak directly to patients in language that they can understand and, importantly, act upon by engaging Congress, the Administration, and state policymakers. Your patients will also be able to share alerts with their neighbors, friends, and family via Facebook and Twitter.

Fight4Rx facilitates patient engagement directly on either a mobile device or a computer. Patients, pharmacists, pharmacy staff, and others concerned about PBMs can register as an advocate simply by texting Fight4Rx to 52886.

Joining Fight4Rx only takes a few seconds and can be done from anywhere. For instance, patients can sign up at the pharmacy counter or the drive-thru with a NCPA created toolkit of printable patient engagement materials that you can display. If you have questions or concerns about the materials or campaign, please contact Eric Lundberg at 703-600-1184.

Now, more than ever, the white coats and our patients must take the fight to the suit coats. We start by texting Fight4Rx to 52886 now.

For a Fair Market,

Doug Hoey

Douglas Hoey, Pharmacist, MBA

This is from the national association of independent pharmacists ( National Community Pharmacist Assoc) which I have been a member since 1983 and they are trying to get pharmacists and pts together in fighting the PBM industry that is basically  “robbing” pharmacies and pts for billions of dollars.  If your favorite pharmacy has closed over the last 5-10 yrs… its closing can be directly/indirectly connected to the actions of the PBM industry.

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