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  1. Doe ANYONE know if JohnR is still with us???He posted at 3 am,,,,its harsh,,,loosing another to this BULLSHIT,,,,hey klonodyn,,,killed another,KLONODYN ,u r f——————- sick F——————,,,,,,u r a freaken psychopath Klonodyn,,,,,,his death is in your soul,,,,FOREVER,,,,,MARYW

    • I am still here, thank you, MaryW. As I just replied to my “new friend in Australia”, I may be getting some support from my doctor who has people who will dispense; I am hanging in there and hoping it is true. Yes, I am drinking twice as much, smashing what pills I do have left, but trying to survive with hope that some relief is on its way. Bless you and Sue, and others who care, as I really don’t have anyone else. Thx so much! JohnR

  2. Sorry, but I have been humiliated too many times over this past year trying to fill scripts for my chronic lower back pain, associated anxiety meds, etc. I truly am fixing to “check out”. have had a 9mm in my mouth many times over all of these years, but too cowardly to pull the trigger. Before, I always held out hope that relief was on it’s way. I have lost confidence now. Nobody wants to help, including my poor doctor who is afraid of losing his license if he is deemed to prescribe too much.Only thing delaying me now for a few days is getting my cremation and burial in a VA cemetary approved and making sure my will is ok. Best of luck to all, but, once again, the criminals and abusers have overcome our rights and all of a sudden, pharmacists (whom I respect to point out any possible drug interactions, etc., feel like the are the doctors)

    • John I hope you are still here to be reading this, I truly do. There are thousands of us intractable pain warriors out here waiting to talk, cry or just listen to your story. We all have our own stories to tell so please open up to any of us.
      Don’t let the bastards win your internal war…you must fight on as hard as it is we’ve all felt this way. I have tried 3 times to self harm because I was so far down my own black pit of despair and clinical depression I just didn’t want to go through another hour of suffering. I truly GET YOU! I tried overdosing twice and then basically just starved myself down to almodt 40 kilos before I was admitted willingly to a mental facility for my own safety. You see the thing is….I don’t want to die….I just wanted relief and to be taken seriously and listened too. I know my body and knew something major was wrong but it all fell on deaf ears…..patted on the back basically and told….you are just depressed. WTF? Who wouldn’t be depressed existing with the pain levels and lack of help available?
      I suffer from Adhesive Arachnoiditis, diagnosed finally in 2005 but knew it was there since roughly 1987. Then I was told I also have Fibromyalgia and they also suspect MS as I have lesions on my brain…but inactive at present so for me a triple whammy. Been with my husband since 1974 and things are not good there. How can I love somebody if I don’t love myself eh!! I’m sure I’ve got a form of PTSD as I used to teach and be super fit and healthy and loved my lifestyle. I have never come to the self acceptance of how my life is now which is very traumatic and stress over how much my life has changed and never will be the same again.
      Last week my youngest daughter 37 had twins boy/girl and my oldest daughters son is on the Autistic spectrum and both girls are needing me in their lives….which thankfully has turned my whole attitude around. My daughters and their babies come first in everything and I know now that I am here for a real purpose. I’m severely disabled but wake up knowing that these parts of me…… need ME in their lives even just to sit and hold the babies or read stories to the 3 year old and 7 year old. I have found a PURPOSE and now can’t imagine their lives without me in it.
      John, I truly hope you can find your purpose in life and don’t follow through with your plan. I am not religious, more of a spiritualist so I am sending you all my positive energy from my family and myself and hopefully you can find your own purpose and support to stay on this beautiful planet and one day find somebody else in despair and Pay It Forward to them as I hope I am to you. PLEASE GIVE IT A WEEK and seek support….you may be surprised at the help of fellow CP and PTSD sufferers out there or just a friendly CP warrior who found your post by accident. With KARMA there are no accidents so find my KARMA to you and use it to build some inner power to keep on…one day at a time.
      Sue a new friend from Western Australia.

      • Sue; I am still here; mainly because I refuse to go out without my house in order! Meetings with funeral director and my attorney have kept getting delayed, and maybe for a reason, such as someone like you who I have never met, communicated with before, etc., do mean alot to me and I hear your stories and realize how selfish I am being. But, unlike you, I have no family left (other than a stepson by a prior marriage) so I am just making sure he is ok before I go. I have also been talking to my doctor this week, and he has been offering help in the way of getting my pain meds filled, so I do have a bit more to look forward to and will hope this works. I don’t really want to check out, but the pain has been unbearable, and I will hang in as long as I can, thanks to the few people that really care. You are so wonderful to take the time to offer all of your advice and support! I promise you that I will do everything possible to stick around and thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for offering your care and support. Thank you so much. JohnR

  3. According to this article written by Dr. Forest Tennant who has been a chronic pain specialist for MANY years now, having chronic pain left untreated can cause a multitude of problems!


    • Donna could you re-send me that article you posted to me this morning. Somehow I’ve moved it but not really good on these mobile phones. Many thanks,
      Western Australia

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