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  1. pharmacist Steve how are you doing this evening sir I wanted to follow up with you in regards to my mother as well I’m pretty confident that I am crazy but I want you to please verify for me as a methadone patient myself find know that I absolutely cannot take suboxone due to the narcan, however even if u took a Subutex..just buprenorphine ..I will go into immediate withdrawal correct? ..also can you help me with the conversion rate from 40 milligrams of methadone cutie switching over to the fentanyl transdermal system I believe it would be probably the 75 microgram ones which I used to be on the hundreds it anyway but I don’t need that much I feel a 50 will work better..find gaining way too much weight on the methadone I been on it for many many years now and I stop every month. 100 is too much i think I’m just curious because I know that you know the conversion.? Ty very much.

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