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  1. Really…! You should see the numbers that the CDC doesn’t want you to see — the TBD Epidemic!!! (Tick Borne disease…), it’s getting larger by the second, is now a “pandemic” (meaning Global…), and, wouldn’t you know it–the most common symptom is… SEVERE PAIN!!!! Later stages of the disease include brain lesions, systemic arthritis, muscle tremors, dementia…, only now, they are DENYING THAT “PERSISTENT”
    BORRELLIA INFECTION DOES NOT EXIST!!!! (even tho its been PROVEN…, multiple times, by multiple and varied medical studies…. (sounds A LOT like: MS, PARKINSONS, ALS….,right? ALL of which are diseases with NO KNOWN CAUSE..!!! REALLY???? …all this is happening all at once, & no one seems to care/notice…, it may seem confusing at first, but it’s not at all when you look at the data…. how great for them! Now they have obviously found a way to make people suffer SO BADLY, that they are now choosing to kill themselves off , while the Gov, hurries up to get on the “opioid crisis bandwagon” before voting time!! PLEASE WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!! You could be next–losing everything youve spent your life building-suffering horribly, and, at the same time, youll be labeled as a hypochondriac, drug seeker, doctor shopper (just trying to find someone who can HELP you!–& these are the doctors wjo are called “quacks”, etc…. (thank god they are wise enough to NOT accept insurance.., especially “government insurance…”& are expensive, (so, once again, the poor are paying the price with their lives — if you have lost all your $ trying to get well–seeking out a doc that might be able to help, but youve gone thru all your $, your out of luck…)but the way these doctors are, and have been actively “targeted”/”shut down…” — they have been/& ARE BEING “harmed” , JUST LIKE US!!! by our “own” Gov–who are blaming them for all kinds of lies…, they are at great risk, just fot trying to HELP! They are accused of everything from “creating” “addicts” because they have had enough compassion to HELP PEOPLE IN SEVERE PAIN WITH MEDICATIONS THAT WORK!!’ (People with Lyme/TBD’so are routinely accused of having psychological problems–unfortunately to add insult to injury–severe panic attacks come with the territory too!!’ Now, you ate “flagged” if you need pain relief as well as reduction of the intense panic/anxiety from many of these diseases–Neuroborrellia for starters – I was hospitalized because after having a bullseye rash, taking Doxy for 28 days, I STILL was very, very sick–could not work, went from doc to doc, Emergency rooms over and over…no one could tell me what was wrong, denied it could still be Lyme–I started slurring words, could not walk straight –was in horrendous pain…, no doctor would prescribe pain med (that’s why I get so angry and shocked that folks act as if they just non-chalantly give out these prescriptions!!! UGH!!! I was taking thousands of mg”s of ibuprofen, excedrin, ANYTHING OTC to try and help, the docs said, “is this helping?” “NO!!!!”, I said…, so, they said, then STOP TAKING IT, YOUR DESTROYING YOUR KIDNEYS/LIVER…, but refused to prescribe anything stronger….
    Finally I ended up being admitted to a hospital with LYME ENCEPHALITIS /MENINGITIS. …, the admitting doc was mortified & shocked that: “somehow you must have fallen through the cracks…”
    I still suffer from persistent, severe pain, now have arthritis throughout my body, have brain lesions, “rheumatoid -like” arthritis in both hands (aka “Lyme Arthritis”), & even though I have all the manifestations of “late stage Lyme”, they are calling it: “Chronic Lyme”, which the IDSA/CDC refuse to recognize as “REAL…”
    Meds that are the only ones that help, have been, (&I’m sure will continue to be), reduced to levels that leave me undermedicated, & in such fear that I don’t dare say a thing…(even so, I have to say here that I am extremely grateful to even have this while it lasts) — I have gone from the career I loved, was great at, was happy, athletic, outgoing…. (I was a NYS licensed Massage Therapist), to a person with a broken spirit who has tried & tried & tried everything, but has lost sooo much–friends, family, finances, self esteem, the “ability” to help myself… & am now losing the will to live–I cannot tolerate “living” like this anymore, it is a true Nightmare with no end in the foreseeable future … I am hoping to make it to the upcoming DON’T PUNISH PAIN RALLY ON JANUARY 29TH…, its one of the only hopes left, for ALL of us…
    , K

  2. If they covered “Stupid Addiction” Wednesday things might get better for pain patients. So are there other opioid crises in the world, besides the United States? There must be, .,..since everyone who takes an opiate WILL ADDICT no matter what as our leaders say, we would expect the problem to be world wide. Is there an over-reaction here, just here in the U.S.? Because actually dead from just “opioids” in the body ranks near in-home accident death. Among legitimate pain patients OD is almost unheard of. …and there are between 7 and 50 million severe pain patients who need opiates now in the worst imaginable way after being reduced and cut-off. Something is wrong here.

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