Open letter to all those Federal Bureaucrats interfering with pain pts getting their therapy

Open letter to all those Federal Bureaucrats interfering with pain pts getting their therapy:

I‘m one of millions of Americans that live in constant chronic pain. I’m on social media and I connect with many like me, and worse. There are two major groups of people who are very different, yet being grouped together and compared as one. There’s the addicted– and then there’s pain patients. We do not seek pain meds for anything other than pain relief and quality of life. I’m 56 yrs old with grown sons and grandsons. This is the make up of pain patients. We’re not in the streets seeking drugs, but forced to pain MGMT where we’re treated like addicts. We’re subjected to pill counts, urine screens, and a contract. We carry a stigma bc of this. We’ve lost friends, family, and have been humiliated. We’re subjected to injections in our spine that isn’t FDA approved and is not done properly. And because of this, I had to have major spine surgery. These injections were against my spine surgeon’s advice in his referral. I was told by pain MGMT if I didn’t have these injections, I couldn’t get my pain meds. I’m now left with nothing and my life consists of me and my sofa, with no quality of life. I can’t play with my grandchildren, I can’t do laundry, and I live on an income that I can’t live on because I was forced on disability. I live with my son, which I’ve been bounced back and forth between my two sons and their families. I want to work, even part time. I cannot. There are millions like me, some even worse. The torture we live in everyday is absolutely ludicrous as American citizens. Since we have to fight for the right to get our meds to live and have QOL, from this government entity, that shouldn’t even be involved in this, I’m not going to beg for my meds, I’m going to demand them. I’m a part of the We in We The PEOPLE.

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  1. They know what is happening to us and they’re doing nothing to help. I saw an actor on late night talk show and he joked about coming to America for wisdom teeth removal since we ‘have such good pain management’ (facetious- Not good). So if comedians are joking about it on TV the whole world knows. He is from the UK.

  2. Thank you! Demand our meds

  3. What the DEA and the FDA will be totally oblivious to is the skyrocketing illness and death caused by the overuse and abuse of alcohol. Alcohol has been used to dull pain since mankind discovered it. It’s relatively cheap and easily obtainable, unfortunately it can be very hard on the body, especially for older folks. I think there will be an alarming rise in alcohol related deaths very soon, and the trend will continue until the bastards in government start suffering because they can’t get pain medication because of the stupid laws and regulations they passed.

  4. Well All I can say is this sounds like I wrote it minus grandchildren. This is going on what now ? 3 years? Its like a giant “volcano” and Its been “smoking and throwing lava” the last two years. If the morons in charge dont address this,theres gonna be casualties

  5. Let me know if “demanding” your pain meds gets you anywhere. What you need to understand is that, through government propaganda, they have established the #1 thought against you, that opioids cause addiction. So no matter how much you beg, plead, or threaten, doctors are not going to “cause harm” by prescribing an addicting medicine.

    What we have to do is counter the propaganda with what really causes addiction, and it isn’t the drugs. They are simply the solution to a condition already existing. As long as people don’t learn and teach the REAL cause of addiction, the situation will only get worse.

    • Cheek, the man is in a desperate situation. Not a lot of time to learn and teach. His particular instance requires desperate measures.

      Besides, the learning and teaching has already been done. The time for Action is now upon us. I believe he was advocating for a more Hands-On solution.

      Regardless, you are correct. It’s just that the frustration level is getting too high for many to be effective. I believe that this is not by accident either.

      ” Don’t poke the bear is a phrase we all should understand. It is obvious that the government is poking the bear with the arduous regulations.

      Whatever response the bear may exhibit from the consistent poking, we need to realize that the response will be an involuntary reaction. I am trusting that any jury would be able to be convinced of this and would acquit as appropriate. I can see myself in the writers attitude. So can many others I believe. I have been advocating for a group of such, to establish a method of communication with one another.

      • Yes , he’s had it! Like so many of us! I break down at least 3 times a week now. My meds keep getting cut! I live in my recliner now. I used to have a life….never would I have imagined that at 61 years old that I would be forced into this position! The humiliation that we have to go thru now! This is not only painful but so damn depressing! I cried when I read this. So many of us suffering with no one to help us!

    • And where has being nice gotten us? Moron. Maybe need rioting and that would get us noticed. Like AIDS riots in the 80s. Nothing else has worked or will work.

      • Right again. I’ve made several posts suggesting we “Act up” & “Act out”, just as the HIV Patients of the 80’s had to do in order to be effective. They saved their own lives… some anyway… but look at the living result of it today. HIV is in control. Chronic Pain needs to be next, but ‘ Words of Love so soft and tender won’t win a…. remember the song? You get the idea though.
        P.S., was The Mamas & The Papas.
        Maybe it’s time to hear some Gangsta’ rap!

      • Rk, I concur, as do many. We need a more radical approach.
        Need to get together on it in a way that will not profile and target participants.

        But on second thought, perhaps it really doesn’t matter, because there can be no two ways about a workable solution for us. There can be only one outcome – and that is life until the creator determined end, not man’s policy determined end.

    • By demanding I mean the US CONSTITUTION! When the justices rule in our favor, they can’t touch our meds again. I won’t have to let you know bc it will make NEWS ALL over the world. And there’s been scientific research disproving their B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T about being addictive. Join us on Twitter.

  6. Beautifully written. Despicable that our government is harming good people who don’t want to be in pain or need pain management. CPPs just want to have a functional life with managed pain! Why is that now “bad”

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