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  1. I dont suppose if you know of similar legislation in KY? im so flipping sick of optum forcing me to purchase mailorder through them, cvs caremark, or mailed directly from acvs store since the closest cvs is 45 min away (those are my ONLY choices if i want my meds paid for by my ins).

    • here is recent blog post https://www.pharmaciststeve.com/oklahoma-proposes-landmark-rule-to-keep-mailed-medications-safe-from-extreme-temperatures/ mail order and FDA/USP/NF required storage temp has always been a problem that has been ignored. OK BOP is the first BOP that is starting to officially talk about it. That you are – I guess – disabled.. I would request that they make an ACCOMODATIONS under ADA for you to use a local pharmacy – hopefully independent – that will deliver to you and be charged in-network copays. Generally any medication that is outside of recommended storage temp for > 24 hrs is consider compromised. Generally, the temp range is mid 50’sF to mid 80’sF and there are exceptions for certain meds. If they stone wall you… see if your state Attorney general will let you file a complaint against any/all that are involved. Caremark is a licensed insurance company and mail order pharmacy should be required to have aa mail order pharmacy license in your state go to this FB page ISSUES WITH MAIL ORDER PHARMACY, CORPORATE RETAIL PHARMACY, & PBMS Loretta Boesing it is a closed group but tell Loretta – the Admin that I sent you… there are a few places where my recommendation pulls a little weight 🙂

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