Often to get the justice you are entitled to… requires a law firm

There are dozens of laws on the books that is suppose to protect segments of our population against discrimination regarding several different issues.

We have both the Civil Rights Act 1964 and The Americans with Disability Act 1990 and yet various Fed/State Agencies pass rules, laws, regulations, guidelines that discriminate against portion of our populations that are suppose to be protected.

Right now Congress is discussing repeal/replacement of Obamacare and they are talking about insurance guarantee of coverage for PRE-EXISTING ILLNESSES.. but they are not talking about GUARANTEED TREATMENT for pre-existing illnesses..

AG Jeff Session’s ONE PERSON’S OPINION wants Congress to OVER-RIDE the will of the people in some 30 states that has made Marijuana or Medical Marijuana legal in some form or another.

Who believes that the CDC did not know or should have known that any “guidelines” that they published would soon be adopted as standard of care and best practices in a wide area of the medical community.  Even choosing some of the poorest quality studies to use as justification for their guidelines…and refusing to acknowledge anecdotal evidence that opiates work long term for chronic pain pts.

Various state legislatures are passing opiate dosing guidelines in some form or another… and even though there are exemption to those daily limits for certain health issues… all too many prescribers are refusing to recognize or acknowledge that those exemptions exist.

You can put up dozens of petitions on various websites.. has anyone seen the first petition concerning chronic pain treatment effected any change?

Has the hundreds or thousands of FACE BOOK pages … made any difference ?

Has any of the calls, emails, faxes, letters sent to elected officials … made a difference ?

There is no guarantee that anything a politician/bureaucrat does.. is legal/constitutional ?

Cities, Counties, States are “piling on” and suing various entities that produce or sell the LEGAL PRODUCT of opiates…  because of the perceived “damages” that have happened because a number of people have ignored any personal responsibility and use/abuse some substances.

Those in the chronic pain community are technically protected from numerous discrimination by numerous laws … both at the Federal and State level… but those who are in charge of enforcing and protecting those in the chronic pain community seems to have little interest in doing their jobs.

That is what law firms are for… the chronic pain community has VOTES .. in unity, enough to decide just about any election in this country and they have the numbers that a few dollars from each would add up to a HUGE LEGAL WAR CHEST… 

The system can be REFORMED with UNITY.. .or each chronic painers can chose to suffer individually as they walk down a singular path.

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  1. We need to have one central advocacy group to share information and a unified plan. Documentation that all can access for form letters to Legislators, Office of Civil Rights, and so one. Media contact updates and the like. ASAP, yesterday!!!!!

    • Agree,1000%%%%,,,,,jmo,,,and 1 mission,,,to allow access to ALL human beings to effective medical care that actually lessen physical pain for the duration of that physical pain,,,,,,,I honestly think these idiots thought the field of medicine can see and find all illness and correct them,,,When the reality is far different,,as 1000 of case like mine,,, my case proved,,x-rays never show everything,,mri’s never show everything,,echo’s never show everything,,blood never shows everything,,as a matter of fact,,,it misses A LOT,,,Hell they just found a new organ in the digestive system last year,,,,Doctors are humans,,thus they make errors,,,350,000 a year that we know of,,,Point being,,no human being should ever be denied access to effective medical care that lessen severe physical pain,,,for denial of medicines that have proven over 1000’s of years,,that lessen tht physical pain will forcible continue that severe physical pain onto a human,,thus the definition of torture,,,I also think truly,,that BASIC HUMANITY,, should be a aspect of this group,,,for no NORMAL human would want to live a life in forced physical pain,,no-one would..Its like all these idiots forgot what it meant to be human,,,,Also,,,I believe the FREEDOM AS ADULTS to choose our medical care,,and for ,”informed consent,” as adults,,,should always be honored,,,NEVER -EVER should a doctor,,that is a m.d.. in their field,,should he/she face a lawsuit,,,ever,,,if informed consent has been given by their adult patient,,,ever!!!
      Pain management use to fill that gap,,,to ensure no-one was left out to suffer in agony from physical pain,,,This complete prohibition by people who know nothing about endureing physical pain or medicine should never ever again be allowed to deny anyone access to medical care,that lessen physical pain,,,,personally I think shrinks should never ever be allowed to make a medical decision,,,as they are now,,and no adult should ever be FORCED to see a shrink,,unless they want too,,,,
      I truly believe thanks to klondyn,,who saw the loop holes in pain management and abused his position of a power,,and now people have died because of him,,,should be brought up on charges of murder,,For as a shrink,,he knew,,that if u force a human to endure physical pain for the rest of their life,,,no NORMAL person would do that,,,a normal person would try any means of stopping that physical pain,,if their medicine has been denied,,A normal person would even use death as a means of stopping that physical pain,,,or,,,,go nuts,,,klondyn knew this,,and literally capitolized on the agony of humans in forced physical pain,,THATS SICK,,,,maryw

    • Chronic pain sufferers and Vets: let’s all start meeting up at:
      Facebook: Pain Patients United
      (copy/paste) https://www.facebook.com/groups/503765159748675/

      Let’s get a plan together and unity and start contacting media, legislators, doctors, Civil Rights Groups, ACLU, insurance cos, Medicare, VA, CDC, FDA and everyone we can. We only have more pain to face if we don’t. Come join the fight!

      FB: Pain Patients United

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