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  1. I must agree with this guy. America is no longer the greatest country in the world. Since WWII, we have fought ‘political’ wars. We have a war machine of unprecedented power that fights for big corporations and we have a media that dupes the American public as to why we are fighting these wars. Young men and women join the military, falsely believing they are being patriotic and fighting for America. They are only fighting for the ‘fat cats’ that comprise the huge industrial/military complex. And, this country has slipped into a socialist quagmire that threatens us with total bankruptcy. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The big financial corporations are able to steal on magnitudes of scale as never before and you will not see one CEO go to jail. Yet, the small time marijuana user will be carted off to jail. Our prisons are full of drug sellers, but the ‘war on drugs’ keeps going forward and financing and ever growing drug police force.

    I got an email from Pharmacist Society DSN. Have no idea what this organization is or how they got my email address. But, they said this:

    “State of the Union address draws mixed responses from drug industry. PhRMA praised Obama’s expression of support for industry research. The president recognized the enormous human and economic value of biomedical research, and the extraordinary importance of developing new medicines. The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America criticized Obama administration’s plans to “upend” Medicare Part D by imposing price controls on it. Which side do you support? Did you like the President’s State of the Union Address?”

    I did not listen to the state of the union address. But, it is not a bit surprising to me that price controls are in the future. I have never known an instance where price controls actually worked. The next step after this will be limiting patient care. The government has created this humongous programs. They have gotten totally out of hand. Our politicians have always tried to ‘give’ us something and ‘help’ us. Well, they have helped us to the point that the country is near bankrupt. They have created these huge programs that require constant tweaking and ever more government regualation. The idea of politicians and government agnecies is that everything must be controlled. They certainly never entertain the idea that things might be better if they just left them alone. What happened in the old Soviet Union with price controls? There was scarcity and black markets arose. Do you think our government and politicians ever learned anything from the failed Soviet system? Nope! Do politicians ever think about just leaving things alone and that a free market economy will sort things out without government intervention? Every time our government tries to solve a problem, they create several more problems. The crazy idea of Medicare Part D has spawned a mass of problems. First, our country cannot afford it. The government can try and try to tweak it, but it will remain a cost we cannot bare.

    I know this may seem like a radical idea: government needs to get out of the ‘business’ of healthcare, out of the business of constant war, and out of the war on drugs. They need to get out of the business of Medicaid too. Control needs to go back to the states.

    America has slipped because the public has believed the lying and stealing politicians. It has slipped because our two party system is totally out of whack. It has slipped because of the Vietnam War and the programs started by Lyndon Johnson. The path taken by our country, beginning in the 1960’s has been the wrong path. We all ‘feel it in our bones’ that this country is on the wrong track and has been on the wrong track for a very long time. We don’t have any political figures that can present a new ‘track’, or if they did, they would be mocked by our liberal media.

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