Obamacare reality

Does anyone out there believe that Obamacare’s transition is going to be painless & transparent ?

We all remember the Medicare Part D transition seven years ago.

Anyone interested in forwarding Obamacare reality situations (good or bad) .. I will be glad to add it to this post and keep it near the top of my blog…

Post your experiences as a comment or send me a email… Do it anonymously.. I don’t care…


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  1. I seem to remember once Part D.got going, the payments were way behind. I worked for an independent who eventually sold.to Big Evil. It.strangled his.cash flow to where our paychecks bounced. Most independents around our area sold and closed up. I forsee many a merger due to who signed pharmacy contracts and increase in mandating mail.order…if you like your pharmacy and pharmacist.
    Forget it PERIOD

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