New opioid vaccine could be a huge step to prevent addiction

New opioid vaccine could be a huge step to prevent addiction:


IF THIS IS SUCCESSFUL…. You give an addict this vaccine and their body now attacks or binds any opiates that they take… preventing it from working…

Presuming that this vaccine is like a lot of other vaccines it WORKS FOR YEARS…

Now this “treated addict” needs surgery, is in a car accident, breaks a bone, or comes down with a disease where PAIN is a major component… here you have a PATIENT in need of pain management but they have been inoculated so that opiates do not work for them.   

Often good intentions … have bad outcomes


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  1. Exactly what I was thinking (if the vaccine actually works like it is supposed to work), Steve. Another point – There is a psychological component underneath every type of addiction, whether it be an addiction to meth, alcohol heroin, food, gambling, etc. This is why simple exposure to potentially-addictive substances is not the “cause” of addiction. (If it was one of the main causes of addiction, we’d all be alcoholics). It is also the reason that excessive restrictions and/or outright bans are not effective.

    Those suffering from addiction (regardless of what kind) is in some way or another attempting to “self-medicate” emotional pain (whether it stems from mental health illnesses and disorders or traumatic events that happened to them earlier in life). Until they figure out what the underlying cause of the addiction is and treat that cause, the recovering addict will always be susceptible to relapsing on other potentially-addictive substances that are not necessarily their “drug” of choice. I don’t know why these idiots can’t figure this out.

  2. I believe that if a person has an addiction and sustains an illness or injury that necessitates the need for prescribed opiates it shouldn’t matter if they’re a heroin addict or a meth head. They should still be offered the medications understanding that it could cause them to die. If they are in pain and willing to take that chance then give it to them. How come it’s legal to deny pain relief to a person in pain but its perfectly fine and legal to perform or receive an abortion essentially ending the life of another without consideration to the pain that a fetus feels from being ripped apart and sucked out, and then give opioids to the patient who had the abortion? How is that right? This world makes me sick. I stand a better chance getting a prescription of hydrocodone from an abortion than I do for the multiple painful chronic conditions I have.

  3. I have to totally agree on this Steve..

    • I mean I truly think you’re right!! As this could be life saving for some I think most in their future might have to have a surgery or something you never know what could happen. X Jess

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