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  1. To Canarensis: You took the words right out of my mind!

    I have a real problem—- I can’t stand to watch this man, with every statement being a BIG FAT LIE!!!! He is a pawn of the devil, and as a devout Christian, I have to pray and ask for God’s forgiveness for the thoughts that enter my head every time I see his face!!! He has done more damage (suicides, agonized, excruciating living in pain), to not only the Chronic Intractable Pain Community, but to all people in this nation and around the world, because other nations tend to follow in America’s footsteps!

    How someone can be so evil because greed has overcome them is almost incomprehensible! The Phoenix House and Kolodny’s investment in Suboxone are his God. A psychiatrist with no patients and no couch, and no training in pain management has been allowed to influence the President, Congress, FDA, CDC, DOJ, DEA, doctors, nurses, medical licensing board, pharmacists, pharmacies , insurance companies, and the general public!!! Why? Why don’t they listen to doctors like Dr. Lyn Webster, Dr. Stephan Kertész, Dr. Forrest Tenant and pain patients themselves?

    Because of greed and power! These politicians have invested in these addiction treatment centers big-time and Marijuana (have you seen John Boehner’s ads on TV). Money and lobbyists talk.

    I say what I always say—- We have become Hitler’s Germany! The Democrats are Communists, but the Republicans have become the most evil and corrupt party ever created! Trump, Paul Ryan and the others ARE the party of the rich. They detest us. Now that both parties have spent all of our Social Security, Medicare, etc., they want us to commit mass SUICIDE because they can’t take care of us. The 200 TRILLION IN UNFUNDED LIABILITIES IS STAGGERING! THIS IS WHY TRUMP/RYAN & THE SWAMP ARE TRYING TO ELIMINATE EVERY AND ALL SOCIAL PROGRAMS THAT HELP THE POOR, DISABLED AND ELDERLY!

    This is why they lost the House— people were terrified that they not only wanted to destroy Obamacare (which I am not a fan of), but they were eliminating pre-existing conditions! Plus, people saw through the tax cut for the wealthy.

    Unless we get on our knees and pray and ask God to pour out His Holy Spirit on America for overcoming this War On Pain, we are doomed to not just this horror, but many more disasters to come! We are not fighting a flesh & blood war—- but a war between powers of evil and good in high places. There is a Higher Power that all religions attest to. But we have all become so materialistic we reject the only One who can help us.

  2. This has more holes in it than a Swiss cheese.

  3. good god almighty, I cannot stand to listen to this lying sadistic SOB who’s just out to make zillions from his addiction clinics

    “18 years ago”?? So he’s saying his so-called “epidemic” started in 1986? Where tf did he come up with that…no doubt the same place he gets all his alleged facts: his fundamental aperture.

    Admittedly, the drug problem has been increasing since the 70s, but all along it has been the same problem: people taking ILLEGAL drugs for recreational purposes. Even if some of the heroin addicts started off with prescribable medications, almost none of them started out with their OWN prescription…which means they started out by using ILLEGAL drugs (even if they’re a medication that can be prescribed),

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