Medical care .. rationed by corporate policies and bottom line ?

Another close friend of mine with an uncurable chronic condition also had Walmart refuse her pain medication after going to that exact pharmacy 2 years! I refuse to go go Walmart, CVS or anywhere that will hurt me or other pain patients. I contacted Walmart and will again on Monday. I’m calling the corporate complaint number. There are too many suicides over scared doctors and now we have to deal with judgemental businesses!
Here’s what was shared:
Found out a couple of weeks ago that my husband has cancer. Today I had a fight with the walmart pharmacist on the phone because “they” didn’t want to fill the full prescription of liquid hydocodone. I asked who “they” were that know so much better than my husband’s doctor. She said it was Walmart’s policy. I said The man has cancer & cries every time he tries to swallow! Oh, she didn’t know he had cancer, that changes everything.

She called his doctor to verify the diagnosis. My son wrote this as his status after my pit bull fight with the pharmacist. He put it into words I could never find.
“My dad has cancer. Possibly 2 types of cancer. Rant follows:
There is some truly messed up stuff going on in this country. People were shouted down when they made comments about “death panels” in relation to Obamacare. That’s where a licensed medical doctor and all the knowledge and experience they’ve gained, studied and paid for are overruled by a group of people with no medical training or certification. Let that sink in. A licensed person with intimate knowledge of your medical history and condition orders a test or procedure in your best interest. Well, some panel at an insurance company somewhere decides that you don’t need that test or procedure because it’s too expensive and your doctor must have had a lapse in judgement and didn’t order the cheaper tests first. Even though those tests won’t show what your doctor needs to know to effectively treat you. So when my father’s doctor ordered a PET scan, of course the insurance company balked. Fast forward through an arduous 3 months of daily fighting with the insurance company, useless tests and back and forths with the doctors office and the random person of the day at the insurance company as to who’s lying when they say the appropriate paperwork hasn’t been correctly filled out and submitted, dad finally gets the PET scan. Guess what? That educated, licensed medical doctor was right. It’s cancer. Cancer that’s been allowed to grow unchecked for 3 months with all the added stress of everything listed above.

Fast forward to today:

Dad had a biopsy on a spot in his throat. It’s cancer too. The man can’t swallow now. Reduced to tears every time he takes a pill or tries to stay hydrated because I won’t let him run that risk. The doctor gives a prescription for a liquid – wait for it – opioid. That’s right. We have an opioid “epidemic” in this country and we all know that just one taste of a medically prescribed pill for a legitimate reason will reduce you to a heroin addict overnight. We must protect you from yourself. And in that light,

Walmart has a policy about just how much of that opioid you can have. Again, your doctor must have had a lapse of judgement and almost condemned you to a life of shooting heroin. But here comes Walmart to the rescue! They know what’s best for you.

Ignore your doctor and his uneducated, misguided ways. During an argument with the pharmacy it slips that dad is a cancer patient. Walmart immediately back pedals. “Oh! We didn’t know he was a cancer patient! That changes everything.” Well no shit you didn’t know! You’re not a medical professional with a right to that information according to HIPPA. How does that knowledge change anything? Oh because Walmart’s policy allows them to fill the full prescription for cancer patients. But the rest of you opioid dependent, heroin overdose waiting to happen people can only have what Walmart thinks you need.”


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  1. Exactly Mary. Your Right!
    And it was was baby boomers who were the backbone of this county for many Years! Who paid the most into this Medicare program but tough says the Government. Because they squandered all the funds for the program . Now that baby boomers are aging and getting chronic pain and incurable illnesses, we’re not to have proper access to the program or the healthcare we paid into. All common sense has been thrown out the window.
    USA is not so great anymore. It’s rated # 20 on freedom and Liberty out of all free nations.
    With the most pathetic healthcare system that used to be state of the art.
    We know just how bad its gotten when the Government and insurance companies are practicing medicine without a license.
    Who needs doctors when they’re dictating our care ? If I were a doctor, I’d probably be ready to quit and find a new career or just retire.

    • This Is Part Of The U.S. EU Collaboration Called HORIZON 2020, Which States That Their Greatest Challenge Is How To Remove All Of Our Rights By That Date. To Eliminate Our Human, Constitutional, Civil Rights, including Freedom Of Speech, and itsi happening Fast. We Are Living and Prematurely and Painfully Dying- In Both A SILENT & OPPRESSED HOLOCAUST.

  2. I was looking on the U.N site,,and someone nailed this exact same thing,,”Our medical agenda in America is rated dead last in,”so called- civilized” countries….Politicians,some Doc’s see the field of medicine as a business,,,no longer a honorable,noble occupation,,,as it once was,,As we as baby boomers parents led us to believe,,,for during their time it was,,Now a days,,w/government practicing medicine,,it is about money,,,about the bottom line,,,and us CPP’s are taking money away from those rich ceo’s,,,from those doctor who care more about their pocket books,,,verses being humane towards their patient..The field of medicine is a business ONLY,, now a days,,OBVIOUSLY,,,mary

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