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  1. Every patient’s neurological response to pain (injury, cancer, fracture or illness) is unique. McGill failed to consider that non-terminal cancer can shift to terminal cancer……I lost several family members to cancer. Lost both grandfathers to cancer. This is poorly constructed by McGill. It is incomplete. Many more diagnosed conditions with pain are listed in the SSA Blue Book and have corresponding ICD10 codes.

    Health Canada agrees with this nonsense? Health Canada is a Canadian Federal agency which oversees all provinces.

  2. I agree with everything canarensis says…You cant compare one persons pain with another And yes pain level changes everyday,if not every hour Just more BS some idiot behind a desk came up with probably after dabbling in there “favorite” drug! Thats how stupid this is

  3. I hate all these pain charts. They try to nail down & quantify something that is EXTREMELY variable.

    So; all non-terminal cancers have the same pain level, as do all the other conditions listed here. Utter nonsense. I totally understand that RSD/CRPS is hideous, but no condition is the same for every person, or even every day. I have CRPS. I have several other conditions too…& even my conditions are not at the same pain level day to day or even hour to hour.

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