Make this man famous! Full Testimony of Jovan Hutton Pulitzer – voting fraud explained – someone is going to jail

OMG !! this presentation can get somewhat “geeky” even though the presenter tries to make it “simple”… While my education is as a pharmacist… I have done some ultra specialty software coding in my life and at time have dealt with four color printing and graphics… This guy is DEAD ON.. If they let him get his hands on the original voting ballots… to exam… SOMEONE IS GOING TO JAIL !!! We may have to build a new jail to hold all that was involved in this voting FRAUD.

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  1. Bring this out into the open. Lock all these involved in voter fraud up. And let’s get Obummer and Kilary too for their crimes. Long overdue.

  2. Mr Pulitzer deserves a Pulitzer Prize for reporting this story

  3. This is something we need to go viral on TWITTER Steve.. And thats about all I no as far as “viral” goes 🙂

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