Major Drug Wholesalers meeting the terms of agreement with 50 states’ Attorney Generals ?

Looks like those 3 major drug wholesaler’s agreement with those 50 states’ Attorney Generals are starting to get traction. The two quotes below, I don’t know if they are from a chain or a independent, but apparently the first – the reduction of your basic Norco 10/325 is only shipping 1/3 of the pharmacy normally uses per day.  Keep in mind that drug wholesalers only deliver FIVE DAYS A WEEK… So if this particular pharmacy is using 15 bottles a day – 7 days a week and they are only getting 5 bottles a day – 5 days a week. They are only getting abt 25% of what they normally use. That would suggest that some 255 pts are not going to be their month’s worth of  pain meds at just this ONE PHARMACY and will be some 30,000 doses short on this one med for ONE MONTH.
May be a Twitter screenshot of text that says 'r/pharmacy u/Jizzillionaire2 23h Norco Norco shortage Discussion Our wholesaler is limiting us to 5 of the 100-count 10/325 bottles per day in California. We normally go through about 15 bottles a day. Anyone else have this happening? This is really making things difficult. 65 54 Share ek_2024 23h Yes. We have had a lot of issues getting in norco. Specifically 7.5 and 10. We've also had some issues getting Percocet. It's scary. Not to mention how angry patients are getting at us'


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  1. Gee. Imagine that! My prediction is coming true!

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