Looking in the rear view mirror

I found this graphic on my computer with a date from 2014

Then there is this graphic that shows ALL OVERDOSES – starting about the time that the Decade of Pain Law expired and was not renewed.. Opiate Rxs peaked in 2011 – again near the start of this graphic and projects the OD deaths thru the end of the decade. So if that prediction is correct, Overdose deaths will have INCREASED TEN FOLD in 15 yrs. If you notice in the graphic, there is a substantial uptick after the 2016 CDC guidelines were released and in 2021 when our SW Southern border was opened up. Reportedly a “flood” of illegal Fentanyl analog and other illegal abused substances started happening about one year ago. What is also interesting is the number of deaths contributed to use/abuse of alcohol and nicotine have not increased anywhere near those of involving legal/illegal controlled substances.  According to this article https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/immigration/fentanyl-seizures-u-s-southern-border-rise-dramatically-n1272676 in the first 9 months of 2021 federal fiscal year the seizures of just illegal fentanyl analogs was over THREE TIMES MORE than all of the entire 2020 fiscal year.

There is another graphic where the various illegal/legal drugs caused OD’s. What is not shown, and it is not known if the CDC did not track or did not disclose.. is the number of OD’s from Pharma opiates was relatively flat for the entire decade, were they from people who had a legal Rx for the opiate showing in the toxicology – which would suggest a SUICIDE or some pharma opiates that have been diverted from legal sources.

What I find interesting is that both pharma opiate production limits and the number of Rx opiate filled have been CUT IN HALF, since 2011.

One just have to wonder how anyone can claim that pharma opiates have any connection to all the OD’s involving illegal Fentanyl. In 2021, that number is reported as being 75,000.

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