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AG-elect Healey weighs targeting drug companies


BOSTON (AP) — Attorney General-elect Maura Healey says she would consider taking legal action against pharmaceutical companies to help rein in prescription drug abuse that can lead to heroin addiction.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Healey pointed to a lawsuit brought by Kentucky against Purdue Pharma alleging the company misled health care providers, consumers and government officials regarding the risk of addiction associated with the drug OxyContin.

“It’s something I want to look at,” Healey told the AP. “I certainly won’t hesitate to take action against pharmaceutical companies that are engaged in unfair or deceptive marketing practices and aren’t being straight with the public.”

That Tobacco settlement was the states were to share a minimum of 206 billion dollars paid out over 25 yrs, starting in 1998… that means that ..that annuity is going to close out in another 7-8 yrs.. and as slow as things moves thru our court system.. it may take that long for this current legal action to come to a conclusion.

Apparently they are on the prowl to find a new industry with “deep pockets” so that when that tobacco money dries up… they won’t have to deal with a big hole in their state’s budget.

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  1. How about look in to the “witch hunt” today against chronic pain people suffering at the hands of America’s government. Is it not deceptive practice to support this witch hunt while millions of Americans suffer and then stand up and cheer how great you are in eradicating drugs out of America. Making innocent people suffer is wrong as are all witch hunts. By making innocent pain people suffer – how is that justifying “we are getting the drugs off the street”? Believe me, addicts will always find a way but it is the innocents that are suffering at the hands of our government! And, sadly, it is only being done for profit and publicity with total disregard to human suffering. Our government is controlling the afflicted through fear and intimidation and abuse of power!

  2. And when do they go after the liquor industry for the same thing….isn’t alcohol also considered a ‘gateway drug’? isn’t it also an addictive substance? doesn’t it also have ‘harmful health consequences” that cost states money?…Then the food industry for sugar, fat,..Let’s be fair here… Then the possibilites are endless…(insert sarcasm). I was against the tobacco lawsuits. It’s a legal product…if a person chose to use it, then so be it, nobody held a gun to their head and forced them to start using it.(I’m not going to argue the semantics on nicotine). With the exception of pain medications in MOST patients who are unable quit due to chronic disease/injury and I wouldnt dream of asking them, the person has to be motivated on their own to WANT to modify or quit and that should be decided between the patient and the doctor, NOT by any insurance or the Nanny State, I can’t begin to describe how ridiculously obscene this is. The majority of heroin addicts will tell you they did NOT start with prescription pain meds, It;s only when their Heroin supply is interrupted do they look to the illegal prescription market, Heroin is SO CHEAP, why would they want to pay more! . Look at Portugal, 10 years ago they decriminalized all drugs…IMHO…some will continue to always abuse some substance or another…its human nature…accept it…move on. NO ONE CAN HELP THEM THEY DONT WANT HELP..others given the right opportunity to get rid of their demons will take that opportunity and no longer abuse.


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