Liar…Liar.. Pants on fire ?

stevemailboxOh my goodness I can’t tell you how fast I was trying to delete apps to get enough storage on my phone so I could record my last incident with CVS for you it was a doozy and a half!

Long story short I keep one week of meds in a small container so that I can don’t have to open six bottles 18 to 21 times a day anyways either mom screw them away accidentally when she came and help me with my house for a new window installer that was coming or their beyond hidden that six people searching for 2 1/2 weeks straight couldn’t find them.

Because of the Thanksgiving holiday my doctor had moved my appointment up one week which actually was in my favor since I was a week short of my medications. And Im on heavy meds! ZoHydro Percocet adderall, xanax, and soma. But my doctor said, it’s okay I will write that I am okaying it to have these filled early as this is never happened to me before. (He’s with pain mgmt the biggest and most responsible and honorable pain group in  Florida) Anyways I went to the pharmacy and the morning pharmacist called the doctor as the script said please call me and I will confirm the early refill of these meds. well she was getting them ready as they had them in, and then.. The afternoon Head pharmacist came on duty and that’s when everything went to Hell in a handbasket! She told me that she could not fill these medications because she did not have them in stock which was a blatant lie, because two hours early the meds were in stock and they are ordered for me specifically because I’m brand specific/mfg specific due to the fillers as I have corn and gluten allergies so some of those meds have more or less gluten or corn in them which doesn’t cause as horrible of a rebound effect. so that was the first lie then she said I don’t care what your doctor says, I don’t care what the sheriffs department nor the narcotics department said to me on the phone when I spoke to them, you need to file a police report so I called the police department they gave me a police number report because they said since Pam Bondi has come in the office they don’t (or at leased in xxxxxx do not write out a formal written reports for missing medication.) R at my CV S pharmacy here in  Florida swore up-and-down that she gets these reports whenever somebody has an issue with missing or stolen medication. Yet another lie.. so they gave me an electronic number and the officer said that she could call her or vice versa well that wasn’t good enough for her. So head of narcotics came out and because we don’t know if it was myself that missed placed them or mom that threw them away we both had to write out police reports and now are now on file with the narcotic part of the police station. So we now have the sheriff and narcotics officers card that has all of the info on it she won’t accept it.. It had the case number and the little card that said The officers names their badge numbers that case number nope that wasn’t good enough for her either! She wanted a hardcopy. (This all took place on a Monday on Saturday is when I ran out of my medications so I was starting to detox pretty hard) and a written report takes 3 to 5 days they did do me a favor and got it to me in about 2 1/2 days and mom brought it to the pharmacy and she says oh I don’t have your medicines in stock maybe Friday or Saturday they’ll be in. So now it this point Publix got in my script for my Zohydro ER because my pharmacist will not fill it, morphine, or MS Cotin stating that she doesn’t have a license to dispense them. which is yet another lie! Thankfully Wednesday evening Publix got in my regular script for Zohydro and the detoxing wasn’t so bad and my pain though not under control at least went down from a 12 two and 8/9. Then….. Finally Friday evening right before closing, mom went in and I was able to get my meds. My god what a power trip pos sob!

I can give you much more to the story and even the police reports and I KNOW the police would be more than happy to speak with you if you have any interest in posting about this.

Ahhh her other grandiose ordeal that I have to deal with is, say I get my meds filled the morning of the first of the month and it’s a 31 day month, she will not sell them and tell the first of the following month which really means.. Talk about BS! I see only one doctor down here. I’ve been on the same meds for 7.5 yrs except for the switch to Zohydro from morphine 2x daily..

Just figured you may want to know this latest little diddy on the CVS in  Florida


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  1. Well said John !!!

    • John, Your post was spot on as I have been posting. The real! reason that chain pharmacists are refusing to fill many of these C2 prescriptions is because the chain management will not allow them to lower their fill/hour ratio to include the additional time it takes to verify these prescriptions with the physicians. Instead the chains are requiring even more fills in each hour and the pharmacists just can not do it.

  2. That is what you get when you are now a days dealing with high volume pressure cooker pharmacies who do NOT have the time to individualize and learn their patients and their idiosyncrasies … any pharmacist that has spent any time behind the counter of a retail pharmacy knows that you have all kinds of different personalities that comprise your patient base … and in the good ole days of the 70’s 80’s and 90’s you really could learn your patients by name and know the troublesome one’s and the manipulator’s etc ….. thank god I am not working in the high pressure cooker environment anymore … but hopefully one day … the public will demand a return to the lower volume more patient friendly environment of year’s past when we really did earn the reputation as the most respected profession …

  3. Adderall….we don”t know if the patient has sleep apnea…my husband does and is on it as well lutuda lunesta depakote Zoloft xanax adderall boost for daytime sleepiness (appt for another sleep study and narcolepsy eval) as well as meds for DM II and elevated TG thanks to the latuda and topamx for migraines if he doesnt get enough O2. He finally got a new machine after !0 yrs its helping, . As I have noted in previous posts he has Axis i Bipolar mixed mania/depression. His apnea is severe in that he quits 45sec out of every 60 sec. I feel i walk a fine line with his meds, he seems to sleep, but even with the lunesta his mind is running miles a minute, Being a RPh, I am in constant communication with all his doctors keeping everyone on the same page. I am have yet to have one tell me to shut up and butt out, grateful they appreciate my input. So please don”t always jump to conclusions on combinations of therapies, like Dennis said, there are alot of off label uses and in my husband:s case, it’s alot of risk vs benefit as well.

  4. it”s not against the law to dispense the ms contin as 2X 15MG. your still giving the same dose… you can change strength quantity directions for use after communication with the prescriber so the ms contin could have been changed to 2X15 and quantity sufficient

  5. Come on – Zoyhodro, Xanax, Percocet, aderall and soma? I am all for helping people in pain but let’s get real here and don’t take it to a totally different level! This is definitely different than helping people in chronic pain!

    • Why are people concerned about what meds she’s taking? Yes, it seems excessive, but her DOCTOR makes the call. We don’t know the diagnosis, or the level of pain. This wasn’t about what meds she is on, it’s about how she was unable to fill them.

    • Caring,
      I agree that it looks a little weird, but if we don’t have an open mind we will never get proper medical treatment in this country. For instance you would probably believe the same thing about an oncologist that uses apricot pits or vitiamin b17 for treating certain forms of cancer, but that treatment has been working in Europe and Asia for years and definitely works. My point is that some open minded doctors have found many off label uses for different drugs and holistic chemicals that actually work and everyone except the cured patient claims they are quacks. My family doctor at 87 years old found that ultram (tramadol) worked very well for excema and prescribed it for my 15 year old daughter and it was the only thing that worked. Don’t be skeptical without researching the facts and keeping an open mind. This patient may be an exception and could also have multiple diagnosis and his doctor may be treating him for each problem. If you had cancer, spinal injuries, and HIV would you want your doctor to prescribe chemo and radiation without treating the other problems so you may live longer and be in constant pain? I am sure the answer is no, so would your response be the same if you were this patient and you were prescribed chemo medicines, muscle relaxers, narcotics, NASIDs, marinol, HIV medicines, and benzodiazepams?

    • Gee … Let’s see.. We have a pt with FM, DDD, chronic fatigue.. So they have a long & short acting opiate.. Can’t sleep at night because of pain and overly tired so they take Xanax to help them sleep.. And they have spasms in their back which would justify Soma ..And they take Adderal to help them deal with their chronic fatigue during the day. Of course, some one with a lot of clinical experience with subjective diseases would understand this.

  6. This post is so full language errors that it discredits the author. You sound like a rambling moron.

    • The FACTS are that this pt was having so much problem with pain management – fingers not functioning well – had to use SIRI to dictate this email.. Another perfect example of coming to false conclusions without knowing all the FACTS.. is the weather out there in Phoenix ?

    • So identify yourself. You sound like a person hiding their identity.

  7. I went to cvs to fill my mscontin 60mg bid and 30mg one daily. They did not have the 30mg tabs. They said it will take them over a week to get them. I asked if they would call another cvs or to give 15mg. X 2 to substitute for 30. Told me that was against the law. What is a patient to do?

  8. ZoHydro Percocet adderall, xanax, and soma… Good Lord.

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