Let’s the LAW: PBM – can’t steer pts to their own mail order firm

Attention La State Group members: On

January 1 the PBM for your plan changed from Medimpact to Express Scripts. It has come to our attention that they have been contacting our patients and trying to persuade you to leave your home town pharmacies to use mail order. This is not legal. It’s called patient steering. You have the right to use the pharmacy of your choice. If you are an OGB member and have been contacted either by mail, phone, or email by someone who has implied or suggested that you should or need to change your pharmacy, please report it to the number listed below. Companies that are awarded state contracts must be held accountable for following the laws in the states that win the bids in.

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  1. My insurance company is constantly calling, mailing and emailing me to go with having my scripts mailed to me. It drives me nuts. I don’t trust having my medications mailed to me at all.

    • I had a similar problem after we switched over the Humana Part D… I called them up and told them… DO NOT SEND me anything regarding using your mail order pharmacy… and they did stop… these companies work under the premise that they will flood you with emails, texts, mailed letters … hoping to wear you down… UNTIL YOU TELL THEM TO STOP… EVERYONE has the option to OPT-OUT of any unwarranted contact

  2. Thank you for highlighting this !!

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