lacerations down to the bone they gave me two Tylenol in the ER

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I have the photo.This is from a pt from WA.  ”Last night after a bad bicycle accident with lacerations down to the bone they gave me two Tylenol in the ER as I was screaming through my clenched teeth.
“We can’t give you anything else.” Why? Because doctors are afraid of losing their licenses if they prescribe pain medication”. This is happening all over the country folks. You better get up and do something or you and your children will be next.************

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  1. I’m afraid someone’s going to get mad in the e m or at the hospital and it’s not going to be a lawsuit

  2. My wife’s aunt had to have part of her foot amputated and all they would give her is Tylenol best friend had fusion surgery and they would not give him any pain meds other than what he was taking before surgery for pain Both suffered alot because of this …

  3. What ever was in the bill that Nancy Pelosi said: “Oh we have to see what in the Bill”. Which Obama signed to get Obamacare it into law. “IF You Like Your Doctor & Insurance You Can Keep it. This is the results of a Death panel issuing all our pain medication taken away from the Sick, Disabled, Elderly. We are the Problem when it comes to the cost in treatment for us. The Government is loosing money from Medicare, Medicaid. So is the Health insurance Companies that want a profit. Not a debit bills to pay. When they start tsk ing all our,rights away it will be too late.

  4. The bottom line is that people are going to suffer and inevitably, people are going to die if things are allowed to proceed in the state they are in. I am terrified of having some kind of major accident. I refuse to have surgery for the same reason. I went to my doctor a few days ago because I had something “pop” on the side of my wrist a couple of weeks ago. I knew that it would be a giant waste of time to go to the hospital, so I used ‘conservative’ treatment. I have a whole lot of issues with my joints so I know what the protocol is for that. Anyway, I reinjured my wrist so I made an appointment with my doctor. She listened to my story. She looked at my wrist, doing some specific examinations and determined that there was nothing wrong with it. Even went so far as to all but accuse me of making up the nerve pain that I told her I had in my palm, ring and pinky fingers. I guess she forgot that rheumatologist’s unofficial diagnosis of CRPS even existed, even though I have done my research and talked with my mom, who also has CRPS and the shoe fits. Anyway, she tells me just to use the conservative care methods that I was already using, which I told her, except I had to remind her for the millionth time that I can’t put ice on my skin because it feels like it’s literally burning me. I told her this and she looked at me like I was bat poo crazy. She then gets up and throws me a bone by bringing me a brace for my wrist, that I can’t wear because it make it hurt worse and asks me if that’s it. I told her that I want to see an orthopedist. I told her just because I injured my wrist while pulling my bra down in the back, didn’t mean that there was nothing wrong with it because we had discussed the possibility of me having a connective tissue disorder, specifically Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, just last year. The last time I saw the Ortho, he told me that my doctor could diagnose me with it, which she told me she would have to look into and I never heard another thing about it. So now, I’m going back to the Ortho, because she did refer me, and I’m going to ask him once again to test me for EDS or any other connective tissue disorder.i know this isn’t exactly a hospital related story, but the point was that I literally avoided going to the hospital because I knew what I could expect. Even when I’m being tapered down on my meds, I would still be treated like I was looking for pills, so I don’t bother anymore. It’s a waste of 3-6 hours of my life and I don’t feel like I’m possibly dying, I just don’t do it. Looks like I won’t get help anywhere I go anyway. On the subject of the topic of this post, it is absolutely ludicrous to not give this person a shot, at very least. The hospital staff is NOT going to lose their licenses for making a logical decision in this case and I am so tired of hearing that line being used as a sure fire way to deny a human being the right to not be lied to along with the right to any medical CARE. This definitely IS happening everywhere and for everything, so yes, now is the time people. It’s just about too late. The more bs they shove down our throats in the form of “reform”, rules, restrictions, legislations, laws, etc., the harder it is going to be to bring the system back from the brink of madness. Even now, I am certain it will literally take years. We are in the eleventh hour though, I feel anyway. This isn’t going to get better on it’s own.

  5. I have a very painful condition called atypical trigeminal neuralgia. It is known as the suicide disease because it is known as one of the most painful conditions known to the medical community. It is in my gums, face, and head. It is as if my gums have been sliced open and I have been forced to chew on a barbwire while rinsing with battery acid 24/7. When I was first diagnosed my general care provider had no idea how to treat this disease so she put me on a very low dose of percocet until I was able to see a neurologist in Chicago. There were times I had to go to the emergency room because the neurologist appointment was months later. I will never forget the way I was treated by one nurse in particular. Before the doctor came in I explained my condition and she literally raised her voice and started saying things like “you people need to follow what your doctors tell you instead of using the hospital as your personal drug factory” She didn’t want to hear anything I even had to say. When she went to give me the shot the doctor subscribed, she noticed the waist band of my pants was folded over (I do this so the elastic waist is not sitting on my skin). She then started saying things about me not even being able to care for myself because of my drug addiction! As she went to put the shot in the outside of my thigh she noticed my estrogen patch and thought for sure that it was a fentanyl patch. Months later, I had a copy of my medical record and happened to come across the notes from the nurse from that day. It stated that I exhibited drug seeking behavior and evidence of fentanyl use!! That was about three years ago. I am know with a pain specialist that has been treating me with Oxycontin ER and Oxycodon. for breakthrough pain. I have not had to increase or change the dosage or strength of these meds for a year now. This is happening everywhere.

    • My prayers and sympathy to you my fellow TN sufferer! For the time being, enjoy what relief you can. Btw, were you tolad after dx that opioids wont help THAT pain? lol. Omg. Love to see koldny, gottlieb etc have this wonderful condition. Peace!

    • Trigeminal neuralgia can be treated with anticonvulsants. TM is a misfiring of signals along a specific cranial nerve. What follows refers to typical, not atypical TM. However, this info may convince Dr’s to take you seriously. Treating TM w/pain medicine is useless & an anticonvulsant is NOT PAIN MEDICATION. Your doctor can look up the definition of TM–it’s rare & even some neurologists have never seen a case of it. If you are younger than 40, TM is even less common & may be dismissed based on age. Tell any Dr you see how/where the pain starts(ed), how it moves through your face, what triggers it or makes it worse. Don’t expect them to ask this. Your doctor can look at recommended drug options, and study the specific dosing for TM (not epilepsy). Make sure your doctor & you both understand instructions for starting & managing the use of the drug. Instructions must be followed precisely. More is not better. I was told to take the lowest dose that made the pain “bearable”. (These drugs can have very very serious side effects). I was blessed to be diagnosed by a leading TM research neurologist in NYC. Within a few days or a week the pain lessened w/o my increasing the dose. Although the pain continued to dull, chewing food on the affected side of my face increased the pain as did hot or cold beverages. Oddly, a dentist may be more sympathetic &–if you’re lucky, they may refer you to an experienced neurologist. If not, giving your research to your doctor may encourage her to get you an immediate appt. As for your own research: surgical treatment is now common but getting some immediate relief may be the first step. So I’d put emphasis on the “now” treatment. You may never need surgery. Skip the blogs about “pain pill seeker issues” and go for TM or A-TM description, symptom, treatment articles. If you go to an ER take your research. My treatment info is old, but still in use & it worked. Trust me–there is relief available–keep that in mind. Stay busy! Pain is worse if you concentrate on it while lying on a sofa. I found leaning my head back on a headrest increased pain as did having wind blow thru my hair. (Very Weird.) My very best wishes for your finding a good doctor & quick relief. PLT, Ph.D.

  6. I personally do not believe that our doctors, emergency room, general practitioners , surgeons or even our pain management specialists are”sadists” or wish to watch people squirm in pain.It IS the psychiatrists and the special interest “doctors” that have conspired to convince their peers that ALL people are drug addicts and opiate medication does NOT have any place in modern “medicine”. These “experts” have NEVER had a practice OR experienced continuous, severe pain that is so bad that it is capable of making even the strongest willed patients have suicidal tendencies and even act……upon these tendencies because any type pain management long OR acute is being deemed more harmful than beneficial to treat with opiate medication which has been used successfully, beneficially for THOUSANDS of years. Opiate medication has been made possible by plants growing from the face of the earth to help mankind both manage long term and acute pain . I t is NOT accidental that these plants can provide pain reducing qualities. Of course ALL substances that can produce pain reducing qualities can, is, and Always have the potential
    to be abused with the exception, in my opinion of the cannabis plant when simply grown, dried, smoked or eaten for pain relief. Opiate medications used in the treatment of pain can be regulated in the strength to actually help people through our pain and as always these same beneficial qualities can be made stronger (carfentanyl, heroin) which can be very addictive and even deadly……when abused. Not ALL people abuse their personally prescribed medication Future patients are going to be denied effective pain management because of the few that choose to abuse ALL substances to get high. Not all patients/people choose to abuse but, dot/gov chooses to push the narrative that ALL people that need opiate medication are addicted to opiate medication or “may” become addicted to medication and that addiction could lead to the patient using stronger illicit substances in conjunction with “legal” alcohol which could lead to death. My opinion as a 23 year pain management patient.

    • Yes these people are evil

      • Connie;
        I gotta go with you on this one: even if the ER docs & others are swayed by the hysteria generated by extremists, they are still completely ignoring their oaths and have closed off all hints of compassion in the name of cowardice & propaganda. That’s not a physician’s behavior.

        Hayden: They may not *want* to watch people squirm in pain but they clearly have no problem doing so and do not give the tiniest …ah, bit that they’re deliberately torturing people. Because that is what they are doing. They’re as morally & ethically responsible for refusing to treat injured and ill people as if they were waterboarding them. For them to hold up their hands and say “it’s not my fault, it’s the ‘opioid epidemic'” is to abdicate all responsibility for their actions and their patients…and they do so in the name of lies.

    • They are assists. Anyone with the ability to alleviate someones pain, who took an oath to do no harm, and fails to do so is a sadist. If they cared so much about patients, these Drs would band together and speak out against the barbaric government action. Drs who don’t have no ethics

    • It could very well be argued that apathy and indifference kills more people than sadism and malicious intent does. If a physician is being effected by their so-called peers groups, why would they not fulfill their moral and ethical obligation to stand up against that type of behavior, in order to keep it from spreading and becoming normal ideology in their chosen profession? The idea that doctors are being oppressed by other doctors doesn’t sit well with me. Are you not your own person? I know that if I were a doctor, the degree and title would not change who I am at my core. Especially if I were a doctor, I should say, since if I had become a doctor it would have been to help people with genuine empathy and compassion. That’s not to say I don’t know how to put my foot down when I have become aware that someone is trying to play me like a deck of cards. I honestly feel like chronic illness has been so conflated with addiction, which started long before the government’s involvement, that many doctors have lost sight of what it is they actually became doctors for. Does your pay scale and license mean more than another human beings life? If it does, you should definitely reevaluate your chosen profession. Perhaps consider becoming a politician, instead.

  7. What can we do so the right people can read what we are saying about our pain issues ans the lack of relief?

  8. wonder what they’re doing to the kids w/leukemia at Shriners?or 3rd degree burns at any trauma center?”Sorry,but the Dea has alloted only so much per hospital”

    • Andrew: probably that plus, “we’re going to force you to be in agony that’ll give you raving PTSD for the rest of your lives (even if that’s only a few weeks) because some people elsewhere abused something that isn’t what would give you relief. Sorry kiddies; it’s for the good of society” (tho that’s an utter lie).

  9. I wish I could say this was unbelievable, but I have no difficulty believing it at all. I’ve always been a rather paranoid driver & walker, but have ratcheted up my hyper-watchfulness considerably b/c of the utter terror I have of being injured & not receiving appropriate treatment –& the absolute knowledge that that is exactly what would happen.

    I have a bone spur on the upper surface of my ankle that is slowly drilling thru the nerve that serves my big toe & the skin in that area. I’m getting progressively more severe pain from it, but wouldn’t go in to get the spur removed if it comes out thru the skin…not letting anyone cut on me for any reason, even if they signed a contract promising to “manage my pain adequately with opioids” after the surgery. I’m convinced they’d tell me after the surgery that I didn’t need anything but maybe an Advil (which I can’t take). I wouldn’t trust these medical sadists as far as I can throw them.

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