DEA reduces production quotas: based on the likelihood of opiates being abused – NOT STATISTICS/PROOF of abuse ?

DEA Proposes Reduction in US Opioid Manufacturing Quotes

Yesterday, in a joint statement by the US Department of Justice and the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the government proposed a reduction in the Aggregate Production Quotas (APQ) for certain controlled substances that may be manufactured in the United States next year. The government indicated that its intent was to “cut nationwide opioid prescription fills by one-third within three years.” The proposal decreases manufacturing quotas for six opioids (oxycodone, hydrocodone, oxymorphone, hydromorphone, morphine and fentanyl) by an average of 10 percent, as compared to 2018 quotas.

As the government noted, the action marks the third straight year of proposed reductions. Although the reduction was not formally tied to diversion statistics, the government stated that the reduction was consistent with its announcement earlier this year of a rule amending DEA’s regulations to improve the agency’s ability to consider the likelihood of whether a drug can be diverted for abuse when it sets annual opioid production limits.  

The APQ is designed to control the quantities of basic ingredients needed for the manufacture of controlled substances. The APQ is the first step in determining allocations made available for individual US manufacturers to produce controlled substances. Once the APQ is set, the DEA allocates individual manufacturing and procurement quotas to those manufacturers that apply for them. The DEA noted that these individual manufacturer allocations may be subject to further revision during the course of a year based upon a number of factors, including increased or decreased sales or exports, new manufacturers entering the market, new product development or product recalls.

This is where the DEA “found” their opinion(s) on abuse

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  1. HEROIN DEALERS!!Get ready for windfall profits in 2019!Which will boost Mex cartels,which will confuse house and senateWall will be built but wont work.Armed robberies,killings at drug stores.Doesnt take much to predict this future.All in the name of punishing terminally ill or hopelessly crippled.Love thy neighbor!

  2. They’re mad. They’ve gone completely and utterly mad. Along with being total sadists. No branch of government has any right to insinuate themselves in our healthcare and our choice of pain management. Yet they have. Successfully. Killing us off, slowly and surely. Forcing ridiculous, useless and insulting alternatives down our throats. It angers me in a way I’ve never been angered before…These overpowered, undereducated idiots swoop in and change our lives without our consent and it is costing us some of our fellow Chronic Pain Patients lives and that goes unchecked as these sadists are walking around with their eyes wide shut further restricting our access and choices. The 8th Amendment should apply to us as well…Something has to work in our favor.

  3. DEA, I truly believed, was an agency formed to keep illicit substances from entering the USA and to seek out and expose trafficking of both prescription and illicit substances from becoming distributed and harming/killing those that sought to use strong substances for recreational use. Somehow DEA has ass umed the role of controlling both illicit substances AND doctor prescribed medication for those of us that gain a more productive life when stricken with disease and injury with carefully controlled and manufactured opiate medications but once again GREED gets in the way of compassionate care. The DEA is systematically removing ALL opiate medications which do have an important role in pain management and evidently DEA believes that if ALL opiate substances were removed from our society, somehow this would stop SUBSTANCE abuse with deadly consequences. The 2016 CDC “guideline” for opiate prescribing doctors is NOT having ANY relevance in the reduction of substance abuse overdose which is EXACTLY what CDC states the “guideline” was supposed to do. Non medically trained DEA agents are now in full control of our health issues involving pain which is the LEADING indicator of a negative and deadly health issue for all human beings. DEA,whether in planned conjunction with CDC or not is now taking control of human pain management issues without the training and education REQUIRED to treat pain issues acute and lifelong now. I STILL say DEA has stepped “out of bounds” and is out of control. People do not stay healthy forever, young forever, disease free, and injury free……forever. The war on pain management patients MUST stop. The idea of “humanity” is at stake.

  4. Excellent & eloquent graphic. If rage were instantly fatal, my head would’ve exploded long ago. Is there any way at all to pry these jerks’ heads out of their fundaments & make them use actual facts –as opposed to a religious belief in all but official name– in decision making? I’m not optimistic, unfortunately.

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