Jumping to CONCLUSION is NOT CONSIDERED aerobic exercise

I have seen this posted on many FB pages.. with a lot of conclusions that apparently has NOTHING TO DO WITH REALITY..

Most insurance companies have a limit of 90 days supply of a Rx med at ONE TIME…

It would appear that CAREMARK – the PBM (Prescription Benefit Manager) is just observing the terms of their contract.

Providing the pt with > 6 vials at a time would have exceeded the days supply limit of 90 days per her policy.

Most insurance companies will refill a Rx when 80%-85% of the days supply has been taken – that would be around 68 -72 days.

I have read the letter SEVERAL TIMES and NO WHERE does it say that they are changing her DAILY DOSE.


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  1. Unfortunately, opiophobes aren’t the only ones who diddle with the facts at times.

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