Judge Sends 75-year-old Pro-Lifer to Prison for Two Years; Mocks Her Faith

Would appear to be this judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colleen_Kollar-Kotelly  https://ballotpedia.org/Colleen_Kollar-Kotelly

According to Ballotpedia, politically she is a Nonpartisan but she received both her BS and JD degrees from the Catholic University of America. So apparently she was raised in the Catholic faith. Her ruling on this particular case would suggest that she is like our President, who professes to be a good-practicing Roman Catholic but appears to be pro-abortion. She is also another octogenarian bureaucrat who probably should have stepped down. This decision by this judge seems to have little empathy for a sickly 75 y/o woman who was “praying” at an abortion mill and is sentencing her to TWO YEARS IN PRISON. There is a high probability that this is LIFE SENTENCE for this poor woman. So much for her First Amendment rights of freedom of religion. You should read some of the judge’s rulings that are listed in the wikipedia.com link above on her, it would also appear that she has little use for our Second Amendment as well.  According to this article, Harlow was praying at a notorious late-term abortion mill in Washington, D.C.  Some believe that late-term abortion is – or should be defined as – infanticide.

Judge Sends 75-year-old Pro-Lifer to Prison for Two Years; Mocks Her Faith

A federal judge openly mocked a 75-year-old grandmother’s faith in the courtroom during a sentencing hearing. Paulette Harlow faces two years in jail for praying at an abortion mill.


Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly handed down the sentence, along with 36 months of supervised release, because of her part in a prayer and hymn sing at a notorious late-term abortion mill in Washington, D.C.

Harlow had been under house arrest since November 2023 because of her rapidly declining health.

Harlow’s husband pleaded with the court for mercy because of his wife’s declining health and feared that she might die in prison.

“In my heart, I think she’s having a hard time staying alive,” John said, according to LiveAction. “We’ve tried to be good people,” he later added. “I love my wife dearly… We’re throwing ourselves on the mercy of the court.”

Judge Kollar-Kotelly dismissed his concerns and mocked Harlow’s faith in Christ.

The judge quipped that she hoped Harlow would “make an effort to remain alive” because that is a “tenet of [Harlow’s] religion.”

In November 2023, Paulette was convicted of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act and of “conspiracy against civil rights.”

Sen. Mike Lee condemned the federal judge’s callous remarks.

“This judged mocked Harlow’s religious beliefs while sentencing the 75-year-old woman in poor health to two years in prison — all for the offense of (gasp) praying at an abortion clinic,” Lee wrote on X. “Moloch is a vile monster.”

In May 2024, Paulette’s eight co-defendants were also sentenced to various lengths of time in prison followed by supervised release. On May 14, Harlow’s co-defendant Lauren Handy was sentenced to almost five years in prison. 

Paulette has remained under house arrest since November 2023 due to her medical needs. 

In her statement for the government, prosecutor Rebecca Ross insisted the case was “not about the defendant’s beliefs,” but rather about “violent obstruction of reproductive healthcare” and “violating the civil rights of others.”

Ross accused Harlow of attempting to use her poor health as an “excuse” to “escape the consequences” of her actions and of lying under oath at her trial, though exactly how Harlow allegedly did the latter was not made clear.

The attorney claimed that Harlow “denied empathy and compassion” to women attempting to abort their children on the day of the rescue, and recommended a sentence of 33-41 months.




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  1. This “opinion” doesn’t accurately describe the crimes. First, she was well enough to travel to another state and she conspired with several other defendants to totally block access to this clinic that provides all kinds of health care including abortion. This link explains what really happened.

    If she believes abortion is wrong she shouldn’t have one. She can legally lobby her state legislature. She cannot legally stop citizens from seeking legal healthcare.

    If she was working with a group to block access to a clinic that treated diabetics would you have written this?


    • I don’t see anywhere in the article where it was stated that she actually BLOCKED/PROHIBITED anyone from entering the clinic. The judge labeled the “violators” Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly handed down the sentence, along with 36 months of supervised release, because of her part in a prayer and hymn sing and the prosecutor Rebecca Ross insisted the case was “not about the defendant’s beliefs,” but rather about “violent obstruction of reproductive healthcare” and “violating the civil rights of others. I did not read once in the article that any woman was actually denied access to the clinic – can you furnish some other media report that actually described what happened that day

  2. If the defendant referenced in this article was aware that she was breaking the law, despite her being so “sickly”, she must have known that breaking the law comes with consequences. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

    What about the clients of the “notorious abortion mill”? Do they not have any rights if someone doesn’t like what they’re doing? Would you like to be harassed by nonbelievers every time you tried to go to church?
    I’d like to know more about this “notorious” abortion mill. Is this the one where homicidal doctors kill the babies immediately after birth, (INFANTICIDE!!!) even if it’s a perfectly viable child?
    You say that the defendants husband “begged” the judge for mercy because of his wife’s poor health. Where is the mercy for the women in need of gynecological care? You have no way of knowing why, or for what, they are seeking medical care. I wonder how you would feel if you had a relative or acquaintance in need of an abortion because her health depended on it? If you have never had to make the excruciating decision between the life of your wife and that of your unborn child, then you have NO right to condemn those who must face that heart wrenching choice.

    As for religion, the word “abortion” appears nowhere in the christian bible. What believers seem to think is that they, somehow, have been granted the right to pass judgement on whomever, or whatever, makes them uncomfortable. Plus, the USA is not a theocracy. Religious texts or teachings are completely irrelevant to this discussion.

    And, from the fifth amendment to the US Constitution:
    “Private property shall not be taken for public use without just compensation.” Abortion bans violate the Fifth Amendment when the government does not compensate women for the 40 weeks their property (uteruses) are made to serve the state’s interest of birthing more humans.

    I do not expect to see this published on your blog. That is 100% your decision. I just feel that I have a right, and an obligation, to respond to your personal opinions which are sprinkled throughout this blog entry.

    Your blog is more useful when you stick to its’ original purpose:
    “Steve’s wife, since 1969, (Barb) has been an intractable chronic pain sufferer for several decades and both have had to deal with the good, bad, and ugly of trying to get adequate pain management out of our healthcare system.

    Now retired, Steve no longer has to have allegiance to any entity other than to those patients who our healthcare system is failing to provide proper care.”

    Thank You,
    Kevin R.

  3. Steve, our dear leader has inspired the UNINSPIRING to take out that which we value as a country. The very freedoms the Constitution, as we move toward what will be America’s 250th birthday, are their apparent target. I catch up on the weekly activities of our Federal agencies and it’s quite obvious that they stopped caring what we thought DECADES ago. It’s harder for them to hide their minute to minute activity as they all get caught getting wealthy off our backs and the very backs of our military families, many of which they’ve also abandoned.

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