It is just a joke !

I got this in my inbox… from a previous CVS RPh

Just recently contacted my old store under the pretense of trying to check in to a prescription.  Took over 10 minutes for them to answer the phone  Finally spoke to xxxxx, and intern, who said CVS found all the broadcast of Monday and Tuesday to be a joke.  Have cut hours even further since then.  She sounded totally disgusted with the chain although she is still employed!  I am not going to give up.  Just found out all my techs that were worth anything have left!  And, yes, my techs said they are now willing to speak out!

Maybe this is why.. they have a response to the media and talking points to the stores within minutes of the media piece being aired ?

Today, I was invited to a luncheon meeting with my Indiana state Senator.. and even though he is involved in the last two weeks of the legislative session…he was aware of the Chicago expose that aired Wednesday night.. The Senator …being a Rph… did not see the humor in the expose…  Imagine that !

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